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01EN-Body-Clinique-Antalya 21 July 2023

Dental Clinic Antalya

Lecture : 6 min. par Harmonie Bodyexpert.online

Dental treatments offered by Body Expert in Antalya

Dental implants

Replacing a tooth root, a dental implant anchors a dental prosthesis, making it possible to chew comfortably, preserve bone and oral health, and recover a beautiful smile. The operation, performed in two stages 2 to 6 months apart, offers the best guarantee of comfort, health and aesthetics for the patient, thanks to expert surgery and the use of biocompatible materials.

All-on-4 fixed bridges

The All-On 4 permanent dental prosthesis is a fixed denture for patients who are partially or wholly edentulous or with advanced deterioration of many teeth and whose bone mass is insufficient to consider conventional vertical implants. It consists of a bridge supported by a complete prosthetic arch fixed on four implants made of false resin gums and 12 zircon made teeth.

All-on-6 fixed bridges

Designed for edentulous patients with a healthy bone base, the ALL-on-6 prosthesis works with six titanium implants inserted into the jaw for balanced chewing thrust, comfort and perfect aesthetics. Once fixed, the permanent bridge can be retained for at least ten years and up to 30 years with optimal dental hygiene.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers involve bonding a thin ceramic film to the front teeth (incisors, canines and premolars) to give the teeth visible when smiling a perfect aesthetic appearance. Veneers are adaptable and preserve the natural integrity of teeth, unlike tooth whitening or scaling, which can damage tooth enamel.

Composite resin dental veneers

Composite dental veneers are prescribed to improve the appearance of one or more teeth, correct tooth discolouration or camouflage misaligned, worn or chipped teeth. Carried out in a single session, they enable patients without the budget for ceramic veneers to smile again. Body Expert doesnt advise them : they break easy, their color turns to yellow and they usually don’t last much longer than 5 years.

Ceramic veneers

A long-lasting alternative to tooth whitening or scaling, porcelain or ceramic veneers resolve discolouration problems and rectify tooth shape and alignment. For sharp, chipped, damaged or short teeth, ceramic dental veneers change the shape and appearance of teeth. Among the many brands available :

Lumineers dental veneers

Very common in the United States, custom-made from patented Cerinate ceramic, they have a standardized appearance and a white color, offering users the same straight, opaque “Hollywood Smile”. Their long manufacturing time is a constraint for those who choose dental tourism. Very thin, they can be applied to well-aligned teeth without prior trimming.

Emax dental veneers

Emax dental veneers are considered the best ceramic veneers: thinner, stronger, flexible, and more adaptable, they require trimming of the tooth to be covered. Translucent, they offer an aesthetic appearance close to a natural tooth, blending into gums in just a few days. Custom-made lithium glass ceramic with a hand-applied 7-layer Emax finish can last for 20+. This option is not proposed by Body Expert Antalya yet. If you prefer Emax dental veneers, better choose Body Expert Istanbul.

Dental Crowns

The prosthetic crown

A dental crown is a false tooth that replaces the function, shape and aesthetics of a broken, devitalised or damaged tooth. It can be bonded to the original tooth, mounted on a pivot that fits into the original tooth, or reconstitute an entire tooth, mounted on a dental implant screwed into the jawbone. Crowns are also prescribed in cases where decay is too deep or the filling is too fragile to receive conventional conservative treatment (composite resin, inlay or amalgam). Crowns enable you to chew better and smile more attractively. They can be fitted without risk at any age.

Zirconia crowns and bridges

The best denture crowns are made of monolithic zirconia ceramic with an Emax finish. 100% ceramic, they have no metal framework support, unlike metal-ceramic crowns where only the outer layer is porcelain. The absence of metal frameworks guarantees greater transparency, and Emax zirconia finishes ensure high strength and perfect esthetics, with a palette of shades adapted to the natural color of each patient’s teeth. They offer a lifespan of between 10 and 30 years.

Dental bone grafting

Implantology requires sufficient bone volume. In some patients with a lack of bone density due to old edentulousness, the quantity of bone may be insufficient. In such cases, dental bone grafting is performed using several graft types: autogenous grafts, allogeneic grafts, xenogenic grafts or grafts made from biosynthetic material.

Sinus Lift

An alternative procedure to bone grafting, the sinus lift, or sinus graft, will increase the volume of bone beneath the mucosa of the maxillary sinus, enabling the jawbone to accommodate dental implants in premolars and molars better.

How much will it cost to have your teeth repaired in Antalya?











Wisdom tooth extraction  


Laminate Veneer


Lumineers veneer 


Zirconia crown


Gummy Smile 


Bone Grafting 


Sinus Lifting


Implant + Abutment
DENTIS (Korean) 


Implant + Abutment
MEGAGEN (Korean)


Implant + Abutment
IPLURA (German) 


4 Implants + MEGAGEN Abutment (Korean)
+ 12 Zirconia Crowns


ALL ON 6 :
6 Implants + MEGAGEN Abutment (Korean)
+ 12 Zirconia Crowns


Sedation / Hour 


Please note: Our prices include the assistance of a translating customer advisor at every stage.
They do not include: the hotel, transfers and your flight. When we draw up your quote, we will offer you our 4* or 5* hotel (breakfast included) and transfers (airport/hotel/clinic/airport) at our preferential rates, depending on the number of nights and treatments planned. You may or may not choose this option.
Guarantee: our prostheses and implants are guaranteed for 2 years. The guarantee covers breakage and/or loss. The replacement will be carried out free of charge at our Antalya clinic. Please note: hotel, transfer and flight costs are not covered by the guarantee (at the patient’s expense).

From the placement of 16 zirconia crowns

Why choose Antalya for dental treatment?

The partner dental clinic chosen by Body Expert Antalya meets all the criteria of high standards and surgical experience, hygiene and care services needed to guarantee the best dental treatment for its patients at the best value for money. The competitive rates (more than 80% savings compared with the UK) offered by Body Expert and its partners are based on the experience and excellent reputation of its dental surgeons, using state-of-the-art medical and dental technology.

Custom-made Body Expert support at every stage of dental care

From the moment you contact us and set up your medical file to post-operative follow-up, Body Expert devotes a personal assistant to each patient, accompanying them through every stage of their dental treatment in English. To meet each patient’s personal needs, Body Expert and its dental clinic partners also propose additional dental cares, with personal assistance and translation included at each stage :

  • Dental scaling
  • Dental devitalisation (nerve extraction, cleaning of decayed residue, etc.)
  • Extraction of teeth (wisdom teeth in particular)
  • Sedation (for a painless treatment and to avoid phobias)
  • Gummy Smile (laser treatment to realign the gums)

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