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Save up to 70% on all plastic surgery techniques compared to your local fare!

Plastic Surgery refers to aesthetic and repairing surgery. It can rebuild and improve the body shape after congenital malformation, like harelip or voluminous breast, or after an accident or a medical operation. Aesthetic surgery is for patients who want to modify their physical aspect, in order to feel better or bring back self-esteem. Shaping a better silhouette, belly or leg liposuction, nose correction (rhinoplasty), face lifting, intimate surgery… : the reasons for choosing plastic surgery are as diverse as each human’s desires.

Body Expert has selected the best plastic surgery clinics in Turkey. Located in Istanbul, they are recognized for giving the highest quality of plastic surgery. At our clinics, you will be taken care of by our highly qualified practitioners. From the taking your appointment to post-treatment follow-up, your dedicated english-speaking personal assistant will be at your service and will accompany you during each step of your treatment.

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Why should you undertake your plastic surgery treatments with Body Expert medical tourism agency ?


The best clinics

Selecting the best plastic surgery clinics and practitioners in Istanbul, Turkey


Control and transparency

Prices and origins of materials are strictly controlled, at transparent prices


Travel Organisation

Organisation of your aesthetic journey, reception and follow up your all process during your trip. We assist you by well-speaking medical consultant.


Post Treatment follow up

Back home, for your comfort and security, we take care of your post-treatment follow up.

Why for choosing Turkey for your plastic surgery ?

Body Expert is here to help you! We are a medical tourism agency specialised in counselling and accompanying patients in their medical care in Istanbul. Our priority is to guarantee you the best treatment at the best prices, in total transparency and in your language.

For your comfort, your Body Expert personal assistant will assist you in each step of your care: from the estimate of your quote to the whole journey of your medical trip. Choosing Turkey and Body Expert for your aesthetic surgery treatments enables you to benefit from our expertise and to save up to 70% compared to fares in your country.

Why do your cosmetic surgery in Turkey?

To benefit from the best plastic surgeons officiating between Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, 70% cheaper than in France and with very high satisfaction rates (+ 90%) and in the best conditions of stay, in a unique city in the world.

Is the quality of surgeons the same as in the UK, Ireland, The US or Canada?

The best practitioners selected by Body Expert have generally studied in the largest European or American medical universities. They enjoy an international reputation and use the best technologies available.

What is the price of plastic surgery in Turkey?

When compared to UK prices, Turkey’s prices are typically 70% more affordable. In comparison to medical tourism destinations like Spain and Hungary, Turkey is 30-50% more cost-effective while maintaining equal or superior quality.


The highest quality treatment


Uncomparable Time Saving


Guaranteed Money Saving

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The various options

Plastic surgery clinics and practitioners selected by Body Expert in Istanbul are widely considered for their medical education, experience and expertise, certified ISO/CE equivalency and at the highest international standards.


Breast Plastic Surgery

Finding its feminity is a personal struggle for each woman. Considering all the choices offered by plastic and reconstructive surgery is not an easy task : your plastic surgeon will help you and guide you in your choices and treatments.

Increasing the breast volume or raising a falling breast are very common cases in plastic surgery, with reliable durable results. Reducing the mammary volume, correcting an asymetry or breast malformation, reshaping a bosom after breast cancer, those are among the most frequent case in reconstructive surgery.

Different interventions


    • Breast fat transfer

    • Breast prosthesis







    • Reconstruction of the breast with prosthesis

    • Reconstruction of the breast with grease injection

    • Reconstruction of the breast by latissimus dorsi flap

    • Reconstruction of the areola and the nipple


    • Breast surgery for man


Silhouette surgery

Living today with a well shaped body, slender and tonic, is a common concern, influenced by the new trends of well-being and beauty. Silhouette aesthetic surgery offers a variety of techniques, adapted to each part of your body.

Different interventions


Face surgery

When time prints its marks on our own image, when we wish keeping or recovering our youth, each case needs a deep thought : we are unique, and our natural expressions are shaping our personality. With all the possibilities offered by plastic surgery, you have to find the one that will bring your best shot, as long as possible.

The assistance of your plastic surgeon is fondamental, his guidance will help you choose the most adapted care for your desires and your needs.

Different interventions


Intimate surgery

As delicate is the subject, plastic surgery techniques offer a wide choice of possibilities in the field of female genitals, or labiaplasty. Inner labia or outer labia corrections, lips asymetry and volume corrections can be considered with a combination of available techniques offering the best results.

Different interventions




Skin surgery

If surgery without scars is not yet possible, plastic surgery offers reliable results to reduce scars, after a surgery (abnormal scar, depressive, rectactile or hyper-pigmented scar) or after an accident. Several stages (medical and surgical) are usually necessary for best results.

Different interventions



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Aesthetic Surgery in Turkey: our information videos

Your plastic surgery step-by-step

Free quotation according to your needs

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Step 2 - Validation of the quotation

After validation of your quotation with your personal assistant, proof of purchase of your plane ticket will be required to block your dates of care.

Please note that Body Expert has a travel agent agreement, and can take care of your whole journey, from your departure city to your return. Our tailored travel services can organize all the travel extensions you wish, enabling you to discover the wonders of Istanbul.

Step 3 - Your arrival in Istanbul

You will have a dedicated reception at your arrival in Istanbul. Your coverage starts at the airport, with VIP vehicle transfer to your hotel. Your personal assistant will present your program and assist you at each step of your journey, in your spoken language. At Body Expert, your satisfaction is our priority !

Step 4 : Start of the treatment

The first step of your aesthetic treatments will be an interview with your expert surgeon, followed by all the care treatments validated with your order, with our medical follow-up. At each moment, you can ask for further treatments, we are here to satisfy your needs.

Step 5 : Treatments controls and follow up

Our doctor will check your whole care and give you advices and prescriptions if needed. We stay available at all times for your needs and questions.

Lenght of Treatment

Time and length of the surgeries varies according to each beauty treatment. When creating your quotation, we will inform you about the average care and healing time of each treatment.

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