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breast augmentation


breast augmentation

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Breast Augmentation: Over One Million Women Have Had the Procedure in the UK Alone

We all have insecurities about certain body parts, some parts more than others. Luckily, some places in Turkey can provide us with the best cosmetic surgery and breast implants at a low price.

Breast enhancement has become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world. Women who feel that nature has provided them with too small breasts or having seen their bust melt away after a pregnancy or weight loss, are more willing to choose mammal enhancement, since breast surgery has become much more secure and successful than before. But breast surgery doesn’t always mean implants : breast lifting, or mastopexy, has become very popular, as well as lipofilling or fat transfer, consisting of self-grafting its own fat and reinjecting it in the mammals.

Whatever the needs of each woman and like any plastic surgery operation, breast surgery is not a trivial choice. Performed under general anesthesia, it requires the best clinical conditions and the best medical teams. Also, choosing implants means going back to surgery at least once for replacement, or even 2 or 3 times for patients under 25 years old.

Also, such an operation is expensive : in most western european countries, a breast surgery costs between 4000 and 8000€, depending on the cases and the chosen technique.

Choisir la Turquie pour son augmentation Mammaire

Why choose Turkey for breast enhancement ?

When people think about places to get a breast augmentation, Turkey is usually one of those places. Known as a “boob job” or a “breast enlargement,” a breast implant is a type of plastic surgery where a plastic surgeon places silicone or saline implants into the breasts. Turkey is well-known for its inexpensive yet impressive plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeries.

Many patients turn to medical tourism when they can pay half price abroad for an identical operation. When UK aesthetic clinics try to discourage their patients about medical tourism, by pointing out the risks (infection, bad healing, sagging of the implant…), Tunisia and Brazil are sometimes criticized, in particular for atypical mycobacteria infections, which can lead to serious septicemia. But accidents remain rare, and in this field, Turkey has an excellent reputation. The aesthetic clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, enjoy an international acknowledgement, with top medical infrastructures, the best possible quality of service and hygiene, and highly experienced aesthetic surgeons trained in the best American and European practices.

Is Turkey Good For Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Turkey is an excellent country for plastic surgery. Some of the best medical centres for augmentation surgery like breast implants, breast lifts, and even hair implants are in Istanbul, Turkey. Some benefits from getting a Turkish breast implant are-

  • Procedures are done by surgeons with at least fifteen years of experience
  • Clear treatment plan and cost overview in advance
  • Treatment in accredited hospitals meeting international requirements
  • Airport-hotel-clinic transfers
  • Full-service stay
  • Stay in a 4-star hotel in Istanbul with 5-star service

The average breast augmentation in Turkey has a procedure duration of one to three hours, a hospital stay of one day, and a recovery time of four days.

What is the average price of breast enhancement in Turkey ?

Despite the highly developed health system, an augmentation in Turkey is luckily not too expensive. Prices for mammal augmentation in Turkey are 50 to 80% lower than in northern Europe, Canada or the United States. With the expert surgeons selected by the Body Expert agency in Istanbul, Turkey, a lippofilling is charged between 3500€ and 4500€ ; a breast augmentation with latest generation silicone implants, between 2750€ and 3750€ ; a mastopexy, between 2750€ and 2900€, and for a breast lift associated with a breast augmentation with latest generation implants, average cost reaches 2900€ to 3750€. This includes the flight, stay, and surgery costs, and there is no prepayment required for getting procedures. Therefore, breast implants in Turkey are relatively cheap compared to other countries.

Why Is Turkey Surgery Cheaper?

Augmentations are not as cheap as other medical procedures, but breast augmentation in Turkey is comparatively cheaper than in the UK. The main reason for this is the currency difference between Turkey and the United Kingdom. £1 in the United Kingdom is a little over twelve Turkish liras, meaning that the British pound has more value than the Turkish lira. Thanks to that, we’re able to afford plastic surgery in Turkey.

What are the recommendations for breast enhancement ?

Breast augmentation can be chosen for aesthetic reasons, but also for medical reasons, notably following a breast cancer that sometimes required removal. In many cases, women want to correct a slight breast ptosis (sagging of the breast), with a limited loss of breast volume, following a pregnancy or weight loss. If the sagging is significant, the surgeon will prescribe a breast lift to bring the nipple up to the breast fold, and implant or lipofilling.

The different breast surgery procedures

Augmentation mammaire par mastopexie, ou lifting des seins

Mastopexy, or breast lift

The purpose of the breast lift is to enhance the breast, give it roundness and shape, and correct asymmetry. It consists of removing excess skin and tightening the sagging breasts. The operation, under general anesthesia and preceded by a mammogram, lasts between 1 hour and 1h30. Depending on the extent of the sagging and the amount of excess skin to be removed, the surgeon makes either an areolar incision (around the nipple), a vertical incision (from the nipple to the fold under the breast), or an inverted T-shaped incision (around the nipple and then downward along the breast fold).

Augmentation mammaire par Lipofilling
Augmentation mammaire par Lipofilling

Breast enhancement by lipofilling

For women who wish to have their breasts augmented without adding too much volume, lipofilling is a less invasive method than implants. Often used after a breast removal surgery (cancer…), this method consists in injecting one’s own fat, in a natural and progressive way. The fat cells are taken sterile in the operating room by liposuction on certain parts of the body (belly, thighs or hips), processed in a centrifuge and then reinjected into the breasts. The result is long-lasting, offers a very natural look and feeling, without scars, and does not interfere with the interpretation of a mammography. However, since some of the injected fat tends to resorb, it is sometimes necessary to make touch-ups or correct any asymmetry by repeating the operation once or several times.

Augmentation Mammaire avec implants mammaires

Breast enhancement with silicone implants

New generation silicone breast implants are now the most reliable and popular method for women seeking breast augmentation. Since 2001, cosmetic surgeons have been using a cohesive, variable-firmness silicone gel implant shell that is much more reliable and adapted to the human body. There are also saline-filled implants, which are safe in case of rupture, but offer a less firm touch. Depending on the shape or texture of the desired breast, patients can choose between ten different cup sizes. The texture and tone of the skin will be taken into account, limiting the volume and weight of the prostheses in order to keep the natural sagging of the breast.

According to the patient’s morphology, the surgeon will insert the implants either through the areola or the axilla (incision in the armpit), or sometimes through the submammary region, by making an incision following the fold under the breast, especially if the prosthesis is made of polyurethane. Depending on the nature and thickness of the skin, the prosthesis will be placed in front of or behind (retropectoral) the pectoralis major muscle.


Augmentation mammaire comment se passe la convalescence ?
Augmentation mammaire comment se passe la convalescence ?

Postoperative care

After the operation and following the general anaesthesia, the patient generally stays one night in the clinic. Stiffness will be felt in the thorax, and the first movements may be painful. The surgeon will prescribe a minimum of one week’s convalescence, and a support bra may be advised.

To improve healing during the following weeks, an ointment will be applied with a gentle massage on the scars, whose red appearance will fade after one to two months, to leave a thin white line, almost invisible. Metal bras should be avoided to protect the healing process. The nipples will become sensitive again after a few months. The resumption of sports activities will be gradual, and exposure to the sun must be avoided for several months. The new breast will take its final shape after 3 to 6 months. Breastfeeding is still possible with implants, as the mammary glands are not affected during the procedure.

What are the risks of breast enhancement ?

After the scandal of the French manufacturer PIP, which had exported throughout the world thousands of prostheses whose silicone gel could migrate through the layer of the implant and cause “autoimmune” diseases (polyarthritis, scleroderma, fibromyalgia …), leading to many accidents in the 1990s, a moratorium prohibited the use of silicone gel implants in most countries of the world, between 1995 and 2001. After 2001, the new generation of implants made of cohesive silicone gels, thicker and less dangerous in case of rupture, rehabilitated breast implants.

After implementation of the prostheses, side effects can occur. The persistence of hematomas may require a corrective operation, without any consequences on the final result. The loss of sensitivity of the nipple and/or breast, frequent during the first weeks, can impact between 3 to 15% of the patients in the long run. Some implants, placed in a retropectoral position, can move when the pectoral muscle contracts, and cause discomfort, especially when practicing sports. An operation may then be necessary.

The breast prosthesis can also get damaged through time and must be regularly monitored to avoid any leakage into the body, especially after 8-10 years. The implants, made of saline or dense silicone, are easy to replace.

Hence the need to take care of your beauty, it is important to contact your surgeon at the slightest abnormality, displacement or deflation of your breasts.

For the breast lift, a poorly operated mastopexy can sometimes lead to bad healing, skin necrosis or nipple asymmetry. It can also cause a loss of sensitivity of the breasts and nipples. Whereas lipofilling, a much less invasive technique, presents almost no post-surgery risks.

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