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Are Dental Crowns in Turkey Worth it? Reviews and experience sharing from our patients

At Body Expert, we take pride in offering top-notch dental care that caters to the unique needs of each patient at an affordable cost. The choice to get dental crowns is a significant one, and that's why we have compiled video testimonials from our patients to give you an insight into their experience, surgery, and outcome. These testimonials aim to assist you in making an informed decision.

22 Emax dental crowns + gummy smile: Laeticia's testimony

“Hello, my name is Laetitia and I come from Le Havre. I came to Bodyexpert because I had braces when I was young and my teeth were damaged and had not aged well! Because of this, I had grey shades and I was very self-conscious about my teeth. So I came to Bodyexpert to have my teeth redone. I had a bridge, an implant and 22 crowns in Emax finishes. I chose the 05 shade with the advice of Gamze, who accompanied me throughout my stay. Everyone took good care of us. I didn’t have any pain! They are very gentle when they take care of us, unlike in France where I have bad memories. I was afraid to go to the dentist! I was also afraid when I came here, but it was apprehension because I didn’t have any pain at all. I was able to enjoy my stay with my daughter and my partner. I was able to do a lot of things in parallel with my care. So it went very well.”

20 Emax dental crowns Maeva's testimony

“Hello, my name is Maeva, I live in Geneva, Switzerland. I discovered bodyexpert via social networking platforms. I had been wanting to have my teeth redone for a while, it was a big complex. For ten years, I had been traveling from place to place to really find a clinic that would suit me. And then I saw Bodyexpert, which is located in Istanbul. I was directly taken in charge by Rania. Via WhatsApp I talked with her, we fixed dates, appointments. I really took the time to explain to her what I needed. She also took the time to explain to me everything that was possible to do after I had sent her pictures. So Rania really gave me all the details, whether it was about the prices, so the rates, what to do in Istanbul, our appointments, the clinic as well… I came to Istanbul. I was taken very quickly, so the next day I already had my appointment and we were already preparing my future teeth. I decided, with the advice of Rania and Bodyexpert, to do 10 crowns on the bottom and 10 crowns on the top. So I had a total of 20 crowns. I was very happy and satisfied with the result! I really have a smile that I like very much. I feel very comfortable. It’s a very, very good clinic. I was very well received. I am very happy with what Rania proposed to me and with all the discussions we had. Everything is really well detailed. And that’s really important. Everything is detailed, everything is followed. The answers are very quick, so you don’t have to wait weeks to get answers. It’s really the clinic to go to if you need dental care or other care. This is a clinic that is just perfect! You really shouldn’t hesitate. And really you will not be disappointed. Bodyexpert is great!

20 Emax dental crowns Marie's opinion and results

“Hello, my name is Marie. I am 25 years old and I come from Belgium. I came to BodyExpert to get 20 dental crowns. It went really well! First I had a gummy smile, to align my gums. Then Dr. Omer placed 10 crowns on top and 10 crowns on the bottom. The result is great! I was very well accompanied by Filiz, Sibel and Alexis. I had time to visit Istanbul. It was a crazy experience! Hi, here I am the day after my dental crowns. Everything went very well. Here are my new teeth. And there we take advantage, we are in cruise on the Bosphorus. We have the time to visit Istanbul, it is brilliant! Big kisses. So I recommend BodyExpert.”

22 Emax dental crowns in Turkey: Tiffany's opinion

“Hi, I’m Tiffany. I am from Marbella in Spain. I came to Body Expert in Turkey to have 22 crowns made. I had an inverted bite and my teeth were not too pretty. I am very happy with the result. Everyone took good care of me. Everything is under control. You don’t have to be afraid to come to Turkey. It’s worth it because they did a great job. You can feel that the teeth are really quality. They listen to all the problems. Gamze is great! For any problems or questions, she has always been there. When you come, you really feel surrounded, you don’t feel alone and left to your own devices. Frankly, I don’t regret it at all, because I am very happy with the result. And moreover I could visit Turkey, because I stayed 9 days. I was able to do some sightseeing at the same time, so it was perfect.”

26 dental crowns Ronnie's testimonial

“Hello everyone! My name is Ronnie and I am from the beautiful golden state of California. I just want to sit down today and let everyone know that for my entire life I have always wanted to have a beautiful smile. I have searched many dental clinics all over my country, and even all over the world, to finally find Bodyexpert. I want to tell you that I am the happiest person in my life. It was a wonderful experience with Bodyexpert. I did my hair and came back for my teeth and it’s absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much. And this gentleman, he is a master of teeth. Wow! We’re getting emotional! Yeah! Unbelievable! That’s awesome! I’m with Manel who took care of me. And I want everyone to know what they are. Don’t hesitate! Come to Bodyexpert. They give you great service and excellent treatment. Manel will take care of you very well and of course the price is right. So come to Bodyexpert and take care of your beautiful smile. Take care of yourself.”

20 Emax dental crowns in Turkey - Ines' testimony

“Hello, my name is Ines, I come from Strasbourg. For many years, I had a complex about my smile. My teeth were overlapping. I chose body expert because of their before and after pictures and also because of their price. I don’t regret it at all. I chose to have 20 Zircon crowns placed. 10 on top and 10 on the bottom. For all the people who are still wondering and who are still hesitating I tell you from experience, don’t hesitate. Look at my smile!”

20 Emax dental crowns + gummy smile the opinion of Christophe

“Hello my name is Christophe and I come from Marseille. I had a big problem with my teeth since always, a big complex. I did some research on the internet and I came across BodyExpert. Sibel from BodyExpert really put me at ease, she really helped me, she was at the top. I was very well received, both at the hotel and at the clinic. The surgeon did a wonderful job! It was more than I ever dreamed of. I thank Sibel, the drivers, the clinic, they are really top notch.”

16 Emax dental crowns Aurélie's opinion

“Hello my name is Aurélie, I am 26 years old, I come from Switzerland. I went to another country to have my teeth redone to correct the overlapping of the top and bottom. I was not satisfied at all. It was really too thick! It was very unnatural, very fake. That’s why I decided to contact Gamze at Body Expert. I came to Istanbul in Turkey to have my upper and lower teeth redone. I had 8 crowns on the top and 8 crowns on the bottom. I am very satisfied with the result. The clinic is beautiful. They are all very attentive, it’s really great. That’s it! Thank you all.”

20 Emax dental crowns + gummy smile Elisa's review

“Hello, I’m Elisa. I found out about Bodyexpert via the internet. I went there to have my teeth redone. They put in 20 crowns and did a gummy smile. Everything went very well, I am very happy with the result. The whole team listened to me, great. They are too nice frankly I highly recommend.”

20 Emax dental crowns + gummy smile Corentin's testimony

“Hello, my name is Corentin. I met Body Expert on social networks so I decided to try it. I did 20 crowns and a gum treatment. Everything went very well, great team. I was accompanied by Filiz, who is a great person, she follows you until the end, she helps me a lot when you don’t speak English. Try the experience, it’s great.”

24 Emax dental crowns + 2 implants Ikramme's testimony

“Hello, my name is Ikramme, I am from Paris, I came to Turkey for dental care at Bodyexpert. By the way, I got to know them through my friend Rym, whom I thank. I was followed by Sibel during all my stay, it went very well and I was satisfied from the beginning to the end. In addition, I’m a pain in the ass, so I can tell you that she had a hard time with me, but I still got my final result and I’m really satisfied with it. I had two implants and 24 crowns and frankly I am really satisfied. So I thank the whole Bodyexpert team. I invite you to see my result and especially my before/after.”

20 Emax dental crowns + 4 implants + gummy smile Elena's opinion

“Hello my name is Lena, I am from Switzerland. I’ve been thinking about having my teeth redone for a few months now, because they were really not right. I looked in Hungary, Portugal and Spain, and finally Turkey was the cheapest place, especially with Bodyexert. I got to know the doctor who is extraordinarily kind and caring, even loving, and I can’t wait for my friends and all those who need to have their teeth done, to come and choose this agency called Bodyexpert, which I recommend I don’t know how many times, more than a thousand times.”

24 Emax dental crowns Abdelkader's opinion

“I came to Bodyexpert because I had a lot of problems with my teeth, I was in pain all the time for more than 15 years now. A friend advised me to see Burak, who brought me to the Bodyexpert clinic. I met a wonderful dentist, he did all my teeth. As you can see. I didn’t feel anything during the operation, even though I am a person who is very afraid of the dentist. The operation went very well, the guidance was wonderful. I highly recommend Bodyexpert. If you have problems with your teeth, you will not lose out on price and quality of service.

24 Emax dental crowns Quentin's opinion

“Hello, my name is Quentin. I came here to Istanbul to have my teeth redone. I had 24 crowns done. I let my dental hygiene deteriorate over the years, following a bad experience in France. I let about 10 years go by without dental care. That’s why I came here. In one week I did what I wanted to do, simply. It was pleasant, I never felt any pain. I would like to thank the whole medical team that took care of me, the whole Body Expert team and the hotel team because they were very nice. Thank you…”

The Body Expert offer

Emax dental crown

250 €/unit

Gummy smile

350 €/unit price

Delivery time, guarantee and quality protocol:

Our Emax crowns are 100% zircon with a handmade 7-layer Emax finish. This is the choice of our prosthetists to guarantee you the best durability with a natural look.

For an Emax crown placement without implants, the length of stay is 8-9 nights on site. This delay is incomprehensible for the proper functioning of our quality protocol, which includes preparatory care, meticulous fabrication of the prosthesis, a fitting, and a quality and technical check between 6 hours and 24 hours after the installation.

Our crowns are guaranteed for 2 years.

Please note:

Our rates include:

  • the assistance of a customer service representative in your language at every stage
  • the transfers between hotel to clinic

They do not include:

  • the hotel,
  • airport transfers
  • and your flight.

When we draw up the quote we will offer you our 4* or 5* hotels (breakfast) and transfers (airport/hotel/clinic/airport) at our preferential rates depending on the number of nights and treatments planned. This way you will be able to choose this option or not.