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Dental Implants in Turkey

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Body expert, the expert agency in dental care in Istanbul. When one or several teeth are missing or damaged, it has big consequences. Not only aesthetical consequences, but it can also jeopardize your health. Gingival inflammation, headaches, decay or shifting of the other teeth etc… In most of the cases, implantology is strongly recommended. But prohibitive limits force patients to give up on their teeth care. The solution : choosing a dental trip to Turkey. This allows you to pay less for care of impeccable quality. Don’t deprive yourself! Bodyexpert makes all your dental care accessible.

Dental Implant Placement: Why Choose Turkey

You need a dental implant insertion, but prices are too high in your country : at least 1700 Euros per titanium implant.

The solution : choosing a dental trip to Turkey, where the placement of an implant doesn’t exceed 500 Euros, for the same quality of care and materials. Including Hotels ans transferts expenses, you will save more than 70% on your dental operation. Besides the dental prosthesis prices, choosing Turkey for medical or dental tourism has a lot of other advantages, that we have listed here.

Travel to Istanbul, and find your smile back !

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What is a dental implant?

A dental implant designates the lower part of an artificial tooth replacing the root of a damaged or missing tooth. Composed by a 10 to 15mm rod in biocompatible material (titanium or zircone), the implant is screwed in the jaw bone and works as a shock-absorber between the bone and the tooth, and serves as an anchor to a dental crown or a dental prosthesis. The dental implantology helps to find a comfortable chewing back, as well as a better diction. It can replace one or several missing or damaged teeth, and even a complete dentition, and is adapted to nearly all cases. The laying of an artificial root maintains the bone without affecting the neighboring teeth or the jaw, and ables to fix a dental prosthesis that will replace a tooth identically, by its function and its aesthetical aspect. The operation is done several weeks before the prosthesis implantation, in order to let the organism colonise the implant, as a bone grafting.


What are the different types of implants

The shape of an implant can vary according to the placement of the prosthesis and the bone type of the patient. Cylindrical or conical screw, profiled blade or disk, each type of dentition has its kind of implant. This artificial dental root can replace one tooth or be integrated in a set of implants receiving a complete new dentition. Generally screwed to be fixed in the bone, the implant can also be subperiostealed (layed under the gum), when the jaw bone is too thin, or in case of a rejected graft.

Two main materials, both biocompatible with the human organism, are used in dental surgery with a 100% rate of success : titanium and zircone. The most commonly used material is titanium, a transition metal known for its thermic, mechanical and corrosion resistance. It is used in high precision mechanics, like jet fighters or racing cars. In healthcare, it is mostly known for its bone integration, fixing itself immediately to the bone tissues. Titanium can also, very rarely, provoke an allergy reaction. In this case, zircone will be prescribed.

Zircone is a poly-cristalline ceramic, whose molecule’s structure is modified with Ytrium, in order to be used in dental art. Softened and easier to shape, the Y-TZP zircone will find back its density and resistance after a thermic treatment. Its white color makes it also more discreet than titanium.


How to lay a dental implant

The installation of a dental implant is done by a dental surgeon, under local anesthesia in a dental cabinet or dental clinic, or in a hospital in case of general anesthesia. It is conducted after one or several radios, and the fabrication of the implants adapted to the patient.

A first session is usually dedicated to remove the designated teeth, but if only one tooth has to be removed, one single intervention can be sufficient. The gum is slit in order to remove a gingival shred, then a drilling of 2-3 mm large and 8-12mm deep is conducted to insert the implant, that will be screwed in the bone. The implant is inserted in 5 to 15 minutes, and the gum is stitched over by a healing screw. During the following 2-3 months, the bone integration period will able the gum to heal and the artificial root to be successfully integrated in the bone. During this time, a temporary prosthesis will be fixed for a better comfort. The ultimate phase will consist in the milling of the tailored-made crown or dental prosthesis, and in fixing it to the implant. A pillar is screwed on the implant, to print the artificial tooth and adapt it to the neighboring teeth in the most natural way, by its color, its shape and size. If it feels uncomfortable for the patient, the crown can be easily removed and remilled for an optimal adaptation.


How long does a dental implant last?

Thanks to implemented materials, and when the dental operation is conducted accordingly by an experienced implantologist, in the axis of chewing, the dental implant offers an exceptional resistance, that can last longer than a human life. Healthy and strong gums, a non-corrosive tooth paste and well brushed teeth will guarantee a life-long implant. An eroded or damaged crown or prosthesis can be replaced after several years, without touching the implant itself.


What is the difference with a bridge?

A bridge replaces a missing or damaged tooth, between two healthy teeth that will serve as pillars for the ceramic artificial tooth. The whole set being held by a metallic bridge. If a bridge is cheaper and easier to install than an implant, it has a limited duration (10 to 15 years maximum). And as opposed to the implant, it carries the risk of bone weakening, since the zone under the bridge is less used during chewing. An implant guarantees a better dental stabilisation, and last a lifetime.


What is the price of a dental implant?

The price of an implant shall include the implant, in titanium or zircone, the pillar on wich the prosthesis is fixed, the stitch with a healing screw, the dental prosthesis, and the cost of the surgical operation (extraction, graft, stitching…). The rates also vary according to the brands, the difficulty of the implantation, the aesthetic preferences and the margin taken by the dental office, especially since the prosthetic act is not submitted to a fixed rate, unlike other dental operations like a tooth decay. A precise quote is therefore absolutely necessary.

In Europe, the implant placement price may vary between 800 and 4000 euros. Excluded from nomenclature by the health insurance system, the implant is not refunded. Only the artificial tooth that will be fixed on the implant is partially refunded. And only a good private health insurance would be able to cover the costs. As a result, more than 20% of the patients will give up this type of dental care. Others will choose to undertake their dental care abroad, where prices are 30 to 80% cheaper.


When is a dental implant needed?

When one or several teeth are missing or damaged, it has not only aesthetical consequences, but it can also jeopardise your health. Gingival inflammation, headaches, decay or shifting of the other teeth, tooth grinding, digestion problems or pain in the mandibular articulation… In most of the cases, implantology is strongly recommended.


Comparative test of dental implant prices : Turkey, Spain, Hungary...

Challenged by outrageous prices of dental implants in their country, a lot of patients choose to undertake their implants abroad. Hungary, Spain or Portugal were until recently the most popular destinations for dental tourism, with fares up to 30 to 50% cheaper. As a comparison, an implant costs between 1000 and 1500 euros in Spain or Portugal, 700 to 1000 euros in Hungary, and from 350 to 500 euros in Turkey.

Those costs must be added to the price of dental prosthesis : from 300 euros in Spain to 150 euros in Turkey. Budapest, Hungary capital city, has been on the front row for decades, thanks to its experience in dental surgery, the quality of its surgeons and of its medical infrastructures. Thailand is also a possible destination, but it is much more far. However, Istanbul, in Turkey, is a growing destination, thanks to its fares and the quality of its care.


Why choose Istanbul in Turkey?

As a close and affordable airline destination (less than 3-4 hours from western Europe), the cultural and business capital city of Turkey is a great destination for medical and dental tourism. Dental care fares are 80% cheaper compared to UK, adding to the quality of its tourism infrastructures and the warm welcome of its inhabitants. The professionalism, the experience and the international reputation of its dental surgeons and implantologists, the quality of its medical infrastructures and the use of the most up-to-date dental technics able to consider the laying of implants in total confidence. Thanks to medical tourism agencies like Body Expert, who offer fully tailored services, with a dedicated assistant speaking your language, everything becomes easier, from the appointments to post-operation follow-up, choosing the best implantologist or organising your transfers with VIP car. The outcome : highest possible levels of satisfaction and smiles regained.

Source : Hong, D., & Oh, J. H. (2017). Recent advances in dental implants. Maxillofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery, 39(1), 33. doi:10.1186/s40902-017-0132-2 a (

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Dental implants and dental crowns video testimonials

6 Dental Implants and 24 Dental Crowns

Sophien from Marseille, 26 years old

“Hello my name is Sophien. I came to Istanbul to the Body Expert clinic, which I found on the internet. I wanted to do all my teeth. Now it’s done! It was no longer possible to wait. I came in January, then returned in July. They did a great job! Frankly I recommend everyone to come. I thank Sibel who has been there for me. I also thank Omer and his colleagues. Omer is a magician! Do not hesitate to come.”

Dental Implant and Dental Crowns

Zohra from Paris, 37 years old

“Hello I am Zohra, I come from near Paris, I am 37 years old. I arrived here on August 15th for my dental crowns. For my teeth I had a very special case. Dr Omer took care of me and the result is just great. I was very afraid to suffer, to be in awful pain but actually not at all. The doctor is just amazing. I chose Bodyexpert because the contact with rania was great and if you are looking for a serious clinic, Bodyexpert.”

All on 6 : video testimonials

ALL ON 6 : 12 Straumann implants + bone graft + 24 Vita zirconia crowns

Ibnou From Bordeaux

“Hello I arrived here in Istanbul in March with the aim of having dental implants with crowns so they extracted all my teeth and placed 6 implants on top and 6 on the bottom. I returned to France and then I came back here in Istanbul 4 months later. After the healing process. They placed all my implants and crowns definitively. I Am very happy. They look like real teeth.”

ALL ON 6: 11 Bego implants + 28 zirconia crowns

Karima from France

“Hello my name is Karima, I come from France and I came across body expert by chance. I don’t regret it at all, I’ve had implants and I’m totally satisfied. I am totally satisfied and I really recommend them, they are really nice, they listen to your needs. Frankly, it’s really a good clinic.”


It is often said that a healthy dentition is the base of a long life. One sure thing : your teeth deserve the best care, for health as well as for aesthetic reasons. Thanks to fares proposed in Turkey, the laying of implants can be happily undertaken with a 100% guaranteed success.

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