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Laser, injections, peeling… Save up to 50% on all the aesthetic care techniques compared to your local prices!

Laser, Intense Pulsed Light, Botox injections or hyaluronic acid, but also peelings, mesotherapy or other skinboosters… Aesthetic Medicine offers a large panel of non-invasive lifting techniques, that can treat and improve the skin’s imperfections.

Goodbye wrinkles, loss of firmness and volume, lifeless complexion and other age spots, thanks to aesthetic surgery. Discreet, more affordable, used more and more young to anticipate the signs of aging, non invasive rejuvenating techniques seduces more and more people.

From classical care like peelings, botox injections and hyaluronic acid, on to mesotherapy miracles and the most up-to-date methods like tri-polar frequency, ultrasounds or tensor aesthetic thread lift, all latests techniques are available. On very strict criterias, Body Expert has selected the best aesthetic surgery clinics in Turkey. Located in Istanbul, they are recognized for giving the highest quality of beauty treatments. At our clinics, you will be taken care of by our highly qualified beauty surgeons. From the taking your appointment to post-treatment follow-up, your dedicated english-speaking personal assistant will be at your service and will accompany you during each step of your treatment.

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Beauty care in Turkey: what are the prices?

Description Unit price
Botox for Women €200
Botox for Men €250
Hyaluronic acid 1 ml €300
Hydrofacial €250

Why should you undertake your beauty treatments with Body Expert medical tourism agency ?


The best clinics

Selecting the best aesthetic clinics and practitioners in Istanbul, Turkey


Control and transparency

Prices and origins of materials are strictly controlled, at transparent prices


Travel Organisation

Organisation of your beauty care journey, reception and follow up your all process during your trip. We assist you by well-speaking medical consultant.


Post treatment follow up

Back home, for your comfort and security, we take care of your post-treatment follow up

The reasons for choosing Turkey for your beauty care

Body Expert is here to help you ! We are a medical tourism agency, specialised in counselling and accompanying patients in their medical care in Istanbul. Our priority is to guarantee you the best treatment at the best prices, in total transparency and in your language.

For your comfort, your Body Expert personal assistant will assist you in each step of your treatment : from the estimate of your quote to the whole journey of your medical trip. Choosing Turkey and Body Expert for your beauty treatments enable you to benefit from our expertise and to save up to 50% compared to fares in your country.


The highest quality treatment


Uncomparable Time Saving


Guaranteed Money Saving

Do you have any question ?

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The various options

Aesthetic surgery clinics and practitioners selected by Body Expert in Istanbul are widely considered for their medical education, experience and expertise, certified ISO/CE equivalency and at the highest international standards.



The most common technique is the use of glycolical acid, that eliminates the superficial layers of the skin and activates the cell rejuvenation. The pores tighten, the skin texture refines, the complexion lightens up.

Working more indeep, the average peeling with trichloracetic acid takes the skin away and the superficial layers of the derm. It ables to obtain a softer skin complexion, while stimulating the collagen synthesis. Your skin renews, leaving wrinkles, spots, scars and rings behind.

Frequently Asked Questions about Peeling

What are the benefits of a peeling ?

Peeling unclogs skin pores in depth, without harming the epiderma, with a hydrating cream and exfoliant ingredients. The dead skins are eliminated, activating the regeneration of the epiderma and bringing back colors to the face. A chemical peeling can also precede a skin lifting.

What are the different types of chemical peeling ?

Each type of skin needs specific types of acids, in order to avoid skin irritations. Glycolic acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA) is a fruit-extracted anti-aging acid, adapted to aging skins, and penetrates deeply into the derma. Lactic acid, also from fruit extract, is more adapted to surface defects, and brings back radiance to the face. Salicylic acid (Beta Hydroxy Acid or BHA) is extracted from willow tree, and is mostly efficient for purifying oily skins. Trichloroacetic acid peels of the epiderma, for a softer skin grain.

Why making peeling in Turkey ?

A chemical peeling in Turkey costs between 200€ and 400€, nearly 80% cheaper than in UK. Apart from great money saving, you can trust the experience and the quality of the beauty professionals in Turkey, as well as the most up-to-date technological materials and very comfortable facilities. And you can (re)visit Istanbul, fascinating megalopolis, cultural bridge between Europe and Asia.


Anti-Wrinkles Beauty Care : Dermabrasion

Among the most popular beauty cares in Turkey, dermabrasion is a great response to aging. This technique eliminates the surfaced epiderma, to regenerate the cells and tighten the skin. Working more in-depth, it can take off pigmental spots, wrinkles, angiomas, superficial scares made from acne or tattoos… Several types of dermabrasion are proposed by our partners clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. They don’t need hospitalization or local anesthesia.

The different types of Dermabrasion care


Takes away dead cells with a tool projecting high velocity microcristals, while vacuuming the skin fragments.

Non ablative laser

Consists of a laser sweeping, regenerating the skin with radiofrequency waves, in order to erase tensions and tiredness signs on the skin, the neck, the neckline and the hands.

Ablative laser

Made under local anesthesia, superficially burns the skin, in order to recreate a new skin layer, more firm, softer, without spots or scars.



Wrinkles, red blotches, spots, scars… Each skin problem has its laser solution, all proposed in Turkey.

The different types of Laser treatments

The fractional laser

Most frequently used in skin care in Turkey, it can delete wrinkles, spots, some scars, and brings the skin tonicity back. Non ablative fractional laser (without fracking the dermal barrier) is more adapted to normal or thin skins. Ablative fractional laser (with destruction of the epidermis) is for thick skins and deep scars.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Is the best technique for treating photoaging. It can take off spots, improves the skin texture and softens the redness, offering a more harmonious skin complexion.

The pigmental laser (Q-Switched ND : YAG)

Is used for pigmenting and depigmenting the skin. eliminates liver spots, solar lentigos, freckles, etc… It is also efficient for erasing tattoos, with several sessions.

Pigmental laser depilation

Is the most commonly used technique for hair removal in Turkey, the most comfortable and efficient. Painless, it can present risks of skin burns. It shall be used professionally, in several sessions according to the nature of the hair and the treated zone. After treatment, sun exposure, peeling, massage or beauty creams shall be temporarily banned.



Against wrinkles and fine wrinkles, volume and firmness loss, injection liftings are here to rub out and erase the signs of time passing on your skin.

The different types of injections

Botox injections

They relax the face muscles acting on the expression wrinkles on the forehead and the external corner of the eyes

The Lipo-lifting, or grease injections

They erase the folds and can entirely remodel a face, with its own grease.

Hyaluronic acid injections

The favorite tool used by beauty expert, to erase a wrinkle, create volume, or rehydrating the skin in depth. Its fluid texture ables precise proportion injections, and slows down the aging process.

Do you have any question ?

Feel free to ask us

Beauty care in Turkey: our information videos

What are botox injections ?

Botox injections, or botulinum toxin, aim to reduce expression wrinkles, especially on the upper part of the face. Botox will act on the nerves that control the muscles, especially those of the face, which will prevent them from contracting. Temporarily, the face appears smoother. When the effect disappears, after four or five months, the botulinum toxin is destroyed by the body. Then, you can get new injections. Which area of your face would you like to treat?

The peeling for a fresh and rejuvenated face

In winter, our skin looks more tired and lacks much shine. After overexposure to the sun during the summer and lack of care, sometimes it takes much more than a bunch of moisturizers to keep your skin clean and safe… The solution is pretty effective : Face peeling allows to “peel” the superficial layers of the skin to restore shine and regain a fresher and smoother skin. The most common technique is the use of glycolic acid, that eliminates the superficial layers of the skin and activates the cell rejuvenation. The pores tighten, the skin texture refines, the complexion lightens up. Working more indeep, the average peeling with trichloroacetic acid takes the skin away and the superficial layers of the derm. It is able to obtain a softer skin complexion, while stimulating the collagen synthesis. Your skin renews, leaving wrinkles, spots, scars and rings behind. So, tempted to get a new and fresh skin ?.

Informations pratiques

Free quotation according to your needs

Please send us your information via ;

– our quote request form :

– or schedule a free consultation :

– or request a call back :

and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Step 2 - Validation of the quotation

After validation of your quotation with your personal assistant, proof of purchase of your plane ticket will be required to block your dates of care.

Please note that Body Expert has a travel agent agreement, and can take care of your whole journey, from your departure city to your return. Our tailored travel services can organize all the travel extensions you wish, enabling you to discover the wonders of Istanbul.

Step 3 - Your arrival in Istanbul

You will have a dedicated reception at your arrival in Istanbul. Your coverage starts at the airport, with VIP vehicle transfer to your hotel. Your personal assistant will present your program and assist you at each step of your journey, in your spoken language. At Body Expert, your satisfaction is our priority !

Step 4 : Start of the treatment

The first step of your aesthetic treatments will be an interview with your expert surgeon, followed by all the care treatments validated with your order, with our medical follow-up. At each moment, you can ask for further treatments, we are here to satisfy your needs.

Step 5 : Treatments controls and follow up

Our doctor will check your whole care and give you advices and prescriptions if needed. We stay available at all times for your needs and questions.

Lenght of Treatment

Time and length of the surgeries varies according to each beauty treatment. When creating your quotation, we will inform you about the average care and healing time of each treatment.

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