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Dental implants: opinions, testimonials and experience sharing

At Body Expert, thanks to the expertise of our implantologists, we are proud to have helped many patients regain their healthy teeth and beautiful smile. We offer high quality dental care that meets the specific needs of each of our patients at a reasonable price. Dental implant placement is an important procedure that must be performed under the best possible conditions. We are offering a series of video testimonials from our patients, who will speak directly to you about their experience, their surgery and their results.

4 Implants + 25 Emax crowns andrew's story

“Hello my name is Andrew, I am from France and I am 40 years old. I chose Bodyexpert to redo my teeth for several reasons. The first is that they were not visible enough and the second is that I had an aesthetic problem, following several accidents. In my treatment I chose four dental implants and 25 crowns. I also chose the 0.5 shade. Everything went well. Frankly, the team is very conscientious and very professional. As soon as you arrive at the airport, you are immediately well taken care of and welcomed at the hotel. For the clinic, there is nothing to complain about. As soon as you have the slightest doubt, you are immediately well helped and comforted. No pain! And here is the result, and I am very satisfied. I recommend it at 200%. If I had to do it again, I would do it right away without any problem. I thank Gamze for her support, excellent! And I also advise you to drink the “Efes” beer, a must if you come to Turkey ;)) “

8 implants + 22 Emax dental crowns: Sabine's testimony

« Hello, I’m Sabine from Belgium. I came to BodyExpert to get 8 implants and 22 dental crowns. I was perfectly taken care of by Hind since I arrived here. The team has been great. They answer all our questions, we are really very very well followed. I really recommend BodyExpert. »

8 implants + 24 Emax crowns Naouiri's opinion

« Hello, my name’s Naouiri, I’m from Marseille. I got to know Bodyexpert through their website. I spoke with Rania, we exchanged. Frankly, she’s the only one who made me feel comfortable about the follow-up, although I’ve made a lot of quotes. We felt confident and came to Istanbul. I came in December to get implants and 14 teeth extractions. When I looked at the website, they said zero pain, and that’s exactly what I felt, zero pain. The clinic is super clean, everyone is attentive. You don’t spend all day in the clinic. We came back a few months later to do the final installation. I am very satisfied, I was very self-conscious about my teeth but not anymore. A very good city, very touristy, everyone respects the health security measures. We don’t spend every day at the hotel or at the clinic, we can go shopping. It’s a really beautiful city and I’m super satisfied. Thank you Bodyexpert, thank you Rania and thank you Dr Omer.»

6 Implants + 24 Emax crowns Veronique's opinion and results

« I come from Belgium. I knew Body Expert via the internet. As soon as I learned about this center. The information and the exchanges were very fast and very correct. I arrived a week ago here in Turkey. And I can say that the care I received for the placement of 6 implants and 24 crowns went very well. The pain was almost non-existent and the team was very kind and charming. I was very well accompanied. I am delighted with the work done, from A to Z. Our interpreter Sibel was really nice. I am really delighted! I can only advise everyone who has dental problems to come here for treatment, because it is truly wonderful. It’s really wonderful! »

6 implants + bone graft + 25 Emax crowns in Turkey : Morgane's opinion

« Hi, I’m Morgane, I come from France, from Clermont-Ferrand. I had big problems with my teeth. So I came here to Istanbul to have 6 implants and a bone graft. I came back to France for a 2-month healing period. And then I came back to put in all the crowns. The team is great, they really take care of you. Don’t hesitate! You can come with your eyes closed. And it will change your life. It is only emotions, it is great and I thank everyone Mutlu, Filiz, Sibel, Ferhat also who made me visit the city. And Dr. Omer who is a tooth magician. I really recommend BodyExpert. »

1 implant + 12 Emax crowns in Turkey Zohra's opinion

“Hello, I am Zohra, I come from the Paris area, I am 37 years old. I arrived here on August 15 for the installation of crowns. I had a very special case for my teeth. I went to see Dr. Omer and the result was just great. I was very afraid of suffering, of having a lot of pain but in fact not at all, the doctor is just great. I chose Bodyexpert because the contact with Rania was great and if you are looking for a serious clinic, Bodyexpert.”

6 implants + 24 Emax crowns Marwa's opinion

“Hello, my name is Marwa, I come from Geneva. I came here to have my teeth redone. I came here to get implants, crowns and a root canal, everything went very well as you can see. There you go; I have a smile like a star! I just wanted to say that everything went really well, the team took good care of me, I couldn’t have hoped for better. I couldn’t have wished for more. Whether it was on arrival, until departure and especially during my treatments. frankly I recommend 100%, without hesitation.”

2 implants + bone graft + 24 Emax crowns Ronan's opinion

“Hello! I want to thank Sibel from Bodyexpert for two things. The first thing is a hair implant surgery that was done in 2021 and went super well. And the second thing is a dental procedure with implants and dentures that was done in 2022 in two stages and that also went very well. So I’m very happy with this. It’s going great. Thank you so much!”

7 implants + gummy smile + 28 Emax crowns Laurent's testimony

“Hello, I’m Laurent, I’m 31 years old, I come from France in the Toulouse region. I knew Bodyexpert via social networks and through 2 friends. So I came here to Istanbul to do 7 implants and 28 crowns, as well as a “gummy smile” and a bone graft. This was done in 2 trips. Everything went very well overall. The hotel staff is very friendly. The Bodyexpert team is very warm and very human. If I had to do it again, I would do it with my eyes closed. A little advice for all the people who are afraid to take the step, honestly do not hesitate, they are there to guide you and reassure you. Everything is top notch”.

All on 6 = 12 implants + 24 Emax crowns Murielle's opinion

“Hello! I found out about the BodyExpert clinic online, through the internet. I asked around to my friends and family. I looked at the Instagram photos. I saw 2 – 3 people who were very happy I decided, because I had a big job to do, like 12 implants… I was very scared! And yet everything went very well. It didn’t hurt at all. Omer is really a magician! After 2 months I came back. So in the end I am delighted, and I really recommend him to everyone.”

All on 6 = 12 implants + 14 Emax crowns Abdel's testimony

“Hello, my name is Abdel. Before coming, I did some research with my partner. She came across BodyExpert. We got in touch with a person from BodyExpert, it was Sibel. She was very reactive. This is the dentist, or orthodontist, Bader, a very very good dentist. Humane, painless and very professional who took care of everything. Before and after pictures of Bader’s Allon6. 6 Straumann implants + 12 Emax crowns per jaw. The result is magnificent! I highly recommend BodyExpert to anyone who wants to have their teeth redone. At the beginning, I didn’t come for aesthetic reasons, I really wanted to redo my teeth. Today, the result is there! Thank you Sibel and thank you Bader, that’s nice.”

All on 6 = 12 implants + 28 Emax crowns Hakim's opinion

“Hello I’m Hakim, I come from Metz. I chose BodyExpert after doing a lot of research on google. I contacted several clinics that did not inspire me with confidence. I was put in touch with Hind, who directly inspired my confidence, which made me feel at ease. She talked to me a lot and gave me information. I had 12 implants, after pulling teeth to change them. This is the result. I am very satisfied, I almost had tears in my eyes when I saw the final result. Having new teeth changes a life. Dr. Omer really did a great job. I am very satisfied. I recommend you to choose Bodyexpert.”

6 implants + 24 Emax crowns Sophien's testimony

“Sophien from Marseille, 23 years old Hello my name is Sophien. I came to Istanbul to the Body Expert clinic, which I found on the Internet. I wanted to have all my teeth done. Now it’s done! It was not possible to wait any longer. I came in January and came back in July. They did a great job! Frankly I advise everyone to come. I thank Sibel who was there for me. I also thank Omer and his colleagues. And Omer is a magician! Don’t hesitate to come.”

1 Implant + 18 Emax crowns Louisa's opinion

“Hello, my name is Louisa, I am from Paris and I came to BodyExpert to have my teeth redone. My smile was not aligned at all and I was missing a tooth. So I had 18 crowns and an implant. I chose the color B1. I am very very satisfied with the result. Everything went very well, the team is great, and I really recommend the service.”

The Body Expert offer

Straumann® Neodent

330 €/unit

Straumann® Medentika

475 €/unit

Deadline, guarantee and quality protocol:

Our dental implants are from Straumann, the European leader based in Switzerland, founded in 1954. Straumann is a champion of innovation and research in dentistry and biomaterials, appreciated for the high quality and durability of its implants. Our implants are therefore guaranteed for life.

Our Emax crowns, which top our implants, are 100% zircon with a handmade 7-layer Emax finish. This is the choice of our prosthetists to guarantee you the best durability with a natural look. These prostheses are guaranteed for 2 years.

For an implant placement, the duration of the stay will be 3 nights on site, whether for one implant or 12 implants (all-on-6). During this stay, a panoramic X-ray will be taken, dental care prior to the placement, extraction and/or bone grafting if necessary, and the final placement of each implant. All these steps are performed under local anesthesia and without pain.

The crowns to cover the implants will be placed during a second stay of 9 nights on site and after a minimum of 2 months of healing. This delay is incomprehensible for the good progress of our quality protocol which includes preparatory care, the meticulous manufacture of the prosthesis, a fitting, and a quality and technical control between 6 hours and 24 hours after the installation.

Please note:

Our rates include:

  • the assistance of a customer service representative in your language at every stage
  • the transfers between hotel to clinic

They do not include:

  • the hotel,
  • airport transfers
  • and your flight.

When we draw up the quote we will offer you our 4* or 5* hotels (breakfast) and transfers (airport/hotel/clinic/airport) at our preferential rates depending on the number of nights and treatments planned. This way you will be able to choose this option or not.