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Hair transplant in Turkey: reviews, and experience sharing

Body Expert is here to help you ! We are a medical tourism agency, specialized in counseling and accompanying patients in their medical journey in Turkey. Our priority is to guarantee you the best treatment at the best prices, in total transparency and in your language.

For your comfort, your Body Expert personal assistant will assist you in each step of your treatment : from the estimate of your quote to the whole journey of your medical trip and the post-operational follow-up. Choosing Turkey and Body Expert for your hair transplant enable you to benefit from our expertise and to save up to 80% compared to your country.

Hair transplant FUE 3500 grafts: Cyril's testimony

“Hello there, I am making a video to testify about the hair transplant that I underwent in Turkey, more than nine months ago now. I was taken care of by Bodyexpert, by Sibel from the company Bodyexpert, who had explained everything to me well before the operation. I came by co-option, friends had already been through Sibel and Dr Cinik and they were very satisfied. The whole process, when I arrived in Turkey with my wife, was top level. The operation went very well! Well, my hair are curling, I don’t know why in my case, but anyway I am very satisfied with the result. I recommend them to you! They asked me if I would like to share a testimonial after seeing the results, and honestly, considering their sympathy, empathy, and support, I couldn’t refuse. I highly recommend them.”.

Hair transplant FUE 4800 grafts : Mickael's testimony

“Hello, my name is Michael, I am 35 years old. I had an intervention 8 months ago, and I am very satisfied with the result as you can see. I am very very satisfied with the result even in the front. As you can see the hairline. I was especially very well accompanied. The staff was really nice. They put me directly in touch with a translator. When I arrived at the airport, I was very well guided, very well accompanied. I was followed all along in fact. So really, there’s nothing to say, it was just perfect! And the result is still beyond all my expectations. I am very happy with the result. Thank you.”.

Hair transplant FUE 3500 grafts: Ronan's testimony

“Hello my name is Ronan and I am coming to Istanbul for the second time. The first time I came for hair implants. It worked very well, I am very very happy. I came back for dental implants, and I will come back a third time, in one month, for adding dental crowns. I met Sibel and BodyExpert through a friend back home. And I have absolutely no regrets, because during my first stay, I lost consciousness and fell, after my hair implants operation, and I was very quickly stitched up, thanks to Sibel’s expertise who knew a clinic right next door. It doesn’t show at all! I am very very happy. And now I came back, I had my dental implants done yesterday and I don’t feel anything. I really don’t have any pain. It’s really the perfect conditions. I can only recommend Sibel and BodyExpert because the caring and the service is really amazing. I know what I am talking about because I work in the medical field. So don’t hesitate!!”

Hair transplant FUE 3800 grafts : Mickael's testimony

“Hello my name is Mickaël, I am 29 years old and I am French.
I had my hair transplant FUE surgery in Dr Cinik’s clinic. I wanted to thank Dr Cinik for the work he has done because it really gave me back the density that I was hoping for and the result that I wanted. I also wanted to thank Rania who was very present for us, who did a really very good job, a representative of the Body Expert agency. For all the support in general, at the top of the top nothing to say. So I wanted to thank Dr Cinik as well as Rania and all the team that took care of us, it was really amazing. A big thank-you !”.

Hair transplant FUE 4200 grafts: André's testimony

“Hello I’m André from Monaco. I am delighted with my experience at Dr. Cinik’s clinic. Also I’m very happy with the warm welcome I received in Istanbul and the quality of the hotels.Our host, Rania, was so nice !
I think that like many men, this hair transplant surgery changed my life. Hair is a really important thing. Thank you all. Thank you to the nurses who were there to reassure me about the surgery and the procedure. Everything went so well, thank you everybody !”

Hair transplant FUE 4300 grafts: Patrick's testimony

“Hello I’m Patrick from Marseille, I’m 51 years old. I made this video to show you the result of my hair transplant that I did 5 months ago. My hair transplant was performed in Dr. Cinik’s clinic. It’s really amazing, really impressive. I also wanted to thank Rania his assistant and the medical tourism agency Bodyexpert. I recommend this team. They did a great job. Thank you.”

Hair transplant FUE 3940 grafts : Amir's testimony

“Hello, my name is Amir. I’m 37 years old, I’m from Marseille. I had a hair transplant about 20 months ago in December 2018. Very satisfied. I was in contact with Rania who advised me very well and followed me for 2 years. Today I’m coming for a prp treatment. Even with the covid crisis, at the sanitary level, it went well with Turkish airlines, hotels here in Istanbul, inside the clinic. Don’t forget to consult Dr Cinik and rania who are really top notch!”

Hair transplant FUE 3400 grafts: Anthony's testimony

“Hello everyone my name is Anthony, I am 29 years old, and I from France. I got my hair transplant surgery in February 2019 in Istanbul. I went through Rania from Body Expert agency.
I would like to thank Dr Cinik and his team for the work done for my hair transplant. I am very happy with the result. I highly recommend them. My brother went to get his hair done too and he is happy with his final result. The hotel is really amazing. We had a taxi that accompanied us during the whole stay. So I recommend Body Expert as well as Rania who works for this agency, it’s really the best.”

Hair transplant FUE 3600 grafts: the testimony of Sven

“Hello everyone I’m making a little video after a year and a month after my hair transplant surgery. I encourage you to contact Bodyexpert and especially Rania who has done a great job before and after my surgery with a great follow-up. A very good job. Don’t hesitate too much, we often procrastinate, we ask ourselves a thousand questions. Should I do it, or not ? Is it worth it ? Is it clean ? etc. I can guarantee you that the results are really amazing. Rania from Bodyexpert is great in terms of follow-up, and Cinik for the quality of his team, the value for money is unbeatable. Thank you.”

Hair transplant FUE 4150 grafts: Benoit's testimony

“Hello everyone, I’m Benoit from Nice. I make this video after a year and a month from my hair transplant surgery, to show you the result. I’m very happy. It changed my life. I wanted to thank Rania from Body Expert, the medical agency, who was always there for me. I want to thank Dr. Cink too for his work. I’ll never thank you enough. I’ll surely be coming back to finish the upper part of my head. Thank you and see you soon !”

The Body Expert offer

Procedure, guarantee and quality protocol:

Our packages consists of FUE hair transplant with maximum number of grafts in one session with a team of trichologists (*Trichologists are hair and scalp specialists) with over 10 years of experience performing the latest FUE technique with over 8.000 satisfactory surgeries on hair transplantation.

We transplant the most possible number of grafts to cover the patient’s baldness area with maximum density. Therefore, our price does not change with the number of transplanted grafts.

We use the newest FUE method + PRP (platelet rich plasma).

The procedure takes approximately around 7 to 8 hours.

Our hospital is JCI-USA certified and is a member of the largest hospital group in Europe (with 15 fully equipped hospitals).

Please note:

Our rates include:


  • The assistance of an interpreter in your language,
  • your Hair Transplant by FUE method from 2000 to 5000 grafts,
  • transfers by private driver,
  • a PRP or/and laser treatment,
  • accommodation in a 4 or 5 star hotel with breakfasts,
  • advice, post-operative follow-up
  • your 10 year warranty certificate

They do not include:


  • your flight.