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DHI Hair Transplant

€ 2 900
Body Hair Transplant (BHT): Additional €200
Maximum number of grafts
CHOI Implanter Pen placement
Two-Night Stay in a 5-Star Hotel with Breakfast Included
Airport to hotel to clinic transfers
Needle-free pre-anaesthesia
Blood test
PRP treatment
Implementation using the DHI method by an expert team
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DHI Hair Transplant

in Turkey


DHI Hair Transplant


DHI Hair Transplant


DHI Hair Transplant

in Turkey


80% Cheaper Than the UK, the US, Canada and Ireland


Top Surgeon with 50,000+ Successful Transplants


English-Speaking Care & Thorough Post-Op Follow-Up


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Hair transplant in Turkey with a DHI transplant pen

For men and women, hair transplant in Turkey, performed with a DHI transplant pen, guarantees a successful grafting and a fast healing. This technic is considered as the most advanced in hair or beard transplant.

As a matter of fact, thanks to the use of the implanting pen DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), also called Choi Pen, after extraction of hair grafts, conducted one by one from the donor zone to the receiving area, implantation of the follicles in the receiving area is carried out without creating incision canals. Coupled with a local anesthetic without injection needle, this method makes the operation more comfortable and painless for the patient. This way the graft stays outside the organism for the shortest possible time, reducing the incision time and ensuring its implantation. Each hair graft is positioned according to a specific direction, angle and depth.

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Professor Chio, the inventor of the DHI Choi pen

The DHI Choi pen has been invented by the Professor Chio, from the National Kyungpook in South Korea. His idea: combine in one gesture the incision for implantation of the graft and its implantation in the receiving zone. This instrument has the appearance of a pen, ended with a hollow needle, connected to a tube and a pump. During the grafting, the surgeon sucks the follicle from the donor zone, then implants it delicately and instantaneously in the receiving area by pushing softly the follicle inside the skull skin. The needle can have various diameters, in order to adapt the pen according to the graft size, and to extract one, two or three grafts according to the capilar nature of the patient and the chosen density for each hair graft. The surgeon can also control the implantation angle and its required depth. This method is also faster, since it can be conducted by a full medical team using up to 6 implanting pens on one patient’s skull.

DHI hair transplant in 3 steps

image-diagnostic et dessin

Diagnosis and design of the receiving zone

During their first meeting, surgeon and patient identify the giving and the receiving area, according to the hair nature, its density and the area to be grafted, as well as the technic used for the hair grafting.

image-extraction et implantation des greffons

Extraction and implantation of the grafts

The extraction and the grafting of the grafts is conducted are the most delicate part of the operation for a successful hair transplantation. We start by extracting the grafts from the donor area and storing them. Then we move on to the DHI implantation procedure which must be performed with great delicacy and dexterity and at a particular angle, a damaged hair follicle not taking root. To succeed a follicle grafting, the surgeon will have studied before the hair nature, density and the capillary line of its patient, in order to determine with accuracy the implantation angle and the grafts alignment. His gesture will have a crucial accuracy, in order to give each implant the needed direction.


Hair care after a graft

A successful implantation is also determined by a strict hair care after the operation.

Your surgeon will prescribe and provide special hair care helping the healing. Argan oil, sesame or coconut oil, as well as soft shampoo with natural organic ingredients, will be prefered. Last but not least, in order to optimize the transplant, alcohol and tobacco must be momentarily banned, whereas a healthy diet, rich in minerals and vitamins and low in fat, can offer to the newly grafted hair a blood inflow well oxygenated and nutritive.

Advantages of the DHI method


A fast and painless technique

The use of the DHI implanting pen is coupled with a local anesthetic. Scalpel is not needed to open the canals where the follicles will be transplanted : the wound is reduced to the strict minimum, and does not leave any scar, minimizing the trauma suffered by the follicle at its extraction. Non invasive, the operation is conducted without any pain nore hospitalisation. The patient can return to its normal daily life just after the operation.


Hair graft without shaving

It is essential to shave the donor area first, but not necessarily the recipient area: the hair skin and the follicles around the zone to be grafted stay nearly untouched.


A natural and permanent result

Well controlled by an experienced surgeon, the use of the Choi Pen ables to control the inclination angle and the depth of the graft, as well as the angle of the reception canal of the follicle. Especially since the implating pen comes in different diameters, in order to adapt to each kind of follicle. Thus the hair surgeon can work with more precision and give a better density to the hair transplant, offering his patient a natural and permanent finish. Also, thanks to the short time between extraction and implantation, the graft has more chances of taking root than for the other capilar grafting methods.


Disadvantages of the DHI method

Hair graft being implanted one by one, the duration of the intervention is longer, when a higher hair density is needed. Also, the DHI pen can only implant up to 2500 to 4500 grafts, less than for the FUE hair transplant technique, in order to maintain the follicles in their best conditions between extraction and implantation, and thus successfully achieve their graft. Indeed, the DHI method is perfectly adapted to cover specific and localized zones (partial alopecia, hiding a scar, alopecia areata…), more than for a full baldness. Last but not least, the price of a DHI operation is more expensive than for the FUE method.


Is DHI adapted to all types of hair?

More adapted at its beginning to straight and thin hair, because of the limitation of available needles and their thickness, the DHI implantation technique as improved with technological progress. Today, thanks to a larger choice of needles and its handling by experienced hair surgeons, able to graft any type of hair (angle, density, thickness of the follicle…), the Choi implanter pen helps to manage successfully the graft of any kind of hair and beard.


Why perform DHI hair transplant in Turkey?

In Istanbul, Turkey, hair surgeons are considered as some of the best in the world, with rates up to 80% cheaper than in western european countries, with unbeatable satisfaction rates. Body Expert has selected for you and on strict quality criterias the best clinics and the best surgeons available in Turkey. Their experience and the number of conducted operations, for men or women, their skill in using the best available tools, including the Choi Pen, ables them to be considered as the finest in their business.

Located in Istanbul, the clinics chosen by Body Expert have a high reputation of care. A personal assistant and translator will be dedicated to your service, at each step of your operation.

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What is the price of a DHI hair transplant?

In France, UK or Germany, a hair graft using the DHI implantation procedure generally costs around 8 000 €. With the same quality of operation, with a highly qualified hair surgeon (more than 20 000 successful operations), Body Expert and its partners propose a “DHI PACKAGE” from 2990 €. This package includes 3 nights in a 5 stars hotel (breakfast included), all transfers in private vehicle (airport/hotel/clinic), a personal assistant/translator, the post-operative follow up, and the adapted hair care. The hair transplant follows the upscale protocole FUE+PRP+DHI (follicle unity extraction, platelets enriched plasma injection and DHI implanting Choi Pen).