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FUE Hair Graft in Turkey: process, advantages and disadvantages, prices

When a patient, man or woman, affected by hair loss - partial or complete alopecia - decides to conduct a hair graft, several methods are available. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is the most commonly used protocole by hair grafting surgeons all over the world. But this non invasive operation is expensive, pushing lots of patients to choose a medical trip, going abroad to have a hair transplant, like in Istanbul in Turkey. Here, specialized clinics, highly reputed and using the most advanced technology, coupled with a top quality full assistance service, are proposing FUE hair transplant 80% cheaper than in France or in UK.

The FUE surgical procedure consists of extracting each hair follicle from their roots, and transplanting it from the giving zone (usually behind the skull) to the receiving zone, by using a micro-punch, whose diameter varies between 0,7 and 1mm. The follicles are collected and counted while canals are opened in the receiving zone, before being replanted. The full intervention, conducted under local anesthesia, takes between 5 and 8 hours, depending on the nature of the patient’s hair and the size of the zone to cover.

The FUE technique has spread in hair aesthetics medical clinics all over the world after the 1993 world congress of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), when members presented the first very positive results of FUE.

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What are the advantages of FUE hair graft ?

This non invasive technique doesn’t leave scars, does not provoke any loss of sensitivity, does not need post-operative care, and ables to enlarge the hair graft harvesting zone.

Ainsi la croissance des greffons sera plus régulière et offrira une chevelure plus naturelle. As a result, the hair growth will be more regular and the final aspect more natural.


A hair transplant without linear scars

The classic technique of hair transplantation, called FUT (follicular unit transplant) consists of taking from the skull a band of hair skin, and produces a scar that can stay visible when the patient adopt a short haircut. Whereas the FUE technique will produce tiny scars, less than 1mm large dots, that will heal faster and will quickly become invisible once the hair will grow over.


A non-invasive operation

Conducted under local anesthesia, packed in one session and with very light post-operative care, the patient being able to get back home alone from the clinic and continue with his usual life the next day, the FUE hair graft is a non-invasive operation.


An enlarged zone of grafts harvesting

For specialised hair surgeons, the main progress of the FUE method is the possibility of enlarging the area of harvesting hair grafts to the temples or the beard, or even using hairy zones of the body. Indeed, some patients present a complete alopecia, and the giving zone turns out to be insufficient to harvest healthy and vigorous follicles.


A reduced graft extraction

In the case of a FUE hair graft, the patient’s needs will be precisely studied in order to determine the exact necessary number of follicles to be extracted and replanted. A follicle being generally composed from 1 to 4 hair roots, the FUE technique offers more successful transplanting results since it ables the experienced surgeon to choose the most prolific follicles.


Hair growth boosted by PRP

In order to guarantee the best possible results in transplanted follicles, the grafts can be treated by PRP (platelet enriched plasma) protocole. A little quantity of blood is collected from the patient, put into a spinner to separate platelets from the other elements composing the blood. Then the enriched plasma is injected in the transplanting zone of the patient’s skull with a micro-needle. This method, systematically used by Dr Cinik’s hair graft, helps to stimulate the growth of the transplanted grafts.


Natural and regular hair growth

With better planted and distributed hair, the FUE system guarantees a more regular and more natural hair growth.


No loss of sensitivity

Thanks to medical procedures preserving the skull’s skin, the FUE patient will not loose any sensitivity on the giving zone, once the effects of anesthesia passed. And on the receiving zone, he will feel his new grafts in such a way that he will need to take some anti-pain pills, for a couple of days following the operation.


Light post-operative care

As long as the new transplanted hair are well taken care of, by using soft hair care products composed with natural ingredients, and by protecting the head from sun exposure, (at least during the next 8 months following the operation), the patient will not suffer from any post-operative problems.

What are the disadvantages of FUE hair graft?

Compared to the classic FUT hair transplant technique, the FUE method has many more advantages than disadvantages. Although the skull needs to be shaved, and incision canals must be created on the receiving zone. And it’s more expensive.


Skull shave

The FUE intervention needs to close shave the giving and the receiving zone of the patient. Usually, the whole head is shaved by the medical team. Which is not necessary with the DHI method.


Opening of canals for transplant

In order to plant the extracted follicles in the receiving zone, the capilar surgeon has to open transplantation canals. Which is not necessary with the DHI hair transplant technique.


Capilar density : finalizing with DHI

Also, the hair density obtained with FUE method is less important than the DHI hair graft with implanting Choi pen. So when necessary, the FUE and DHI methods can be combined, in order to densify certain parts of the patient’s hair.

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FUE hair graft step by step

From the design of the receiving zone to post-operative care, through follicles extracting and counting, a FUE hair graft follows methodological procedures, in order to guarantee the best possible outcome and offer brand new hair to the patient.



A hair graft always starts and finishes with photographic pictures. Before, during and after the operation, pictures are taken by the medical team, who also designs the zone where the new hair will grow.


Marking and shaving the working zone

Once the receiving zone designed, with the calculation of the number of follicles needed to cover the partial or complete alopecia, the giving and he receiving zone are close shaved, follicles being harvested only if they measure less than 1mm. A complete shave of the hair is recommended and usually conducted.


FUE extraction from the giving zone

Once local anesthesia is administered, the follicle unit extraction can start. These grafts, usually carrying between 1 and 4 roots, are uprooted with a punch needle, whose diameter varies between 0,7 and 1 mm, according to the patient’s hair nature. Each follicle is extracted with a micro-claw and placed in a liquid solution keeping the vitality of the hair during the transplantation act. A very delicate phase, since hair follicles are very sensitive to temperature, light and external bacterias. The number of follicles harvested in one session very between 1000 and 2000, representing 2000 to 6000 hair, according to the patient, the density of the giving area and the size of the needed coverage. The medical team will precisely calculate the needs of each patient.


Preparation of FUE + PRP

The extracted follicles are prepared and kept according to a protocole essential to the success of the whole procedure. Chosen and counted one by one under stereoscopic microscopes, the follicles will be conserved at an ideal temperature and will receive a PRP (platelets enriched plasma) treatment, that guarantees a better success of transplantation and growth of the hair. This “laboratory” phase ables the patient to take a break in a dedicated private restroom, with a light meal served, in order to rest and regain energy before the implantation session.


Implantation of the grafts

Local anesthesia is applied this time to the receiving zone, and micro-incision canals are performed with a -1 mm needle. The deepness of the incision equals the exact length of each follicle, and must avoid any damage with the many nerve vessels present on the skull. The incisions also define the growth direction of each upcoming hair, to give the patient’s hair its natural appearance. Each follicle is then inserted into the hair skin, according to the desired angle and design, with an implanting pen, whose needle also varies according to each follicle.


Post-operative care

At the end of the session, the patient will follow the recommendations and post-operative care prescribed by the surgeon. It is recommended to avoid sun exposure during the first year. A balanced and healthy diet, nutritional complements in case of vitamin or mineral deficiency, a particular attention to the hair care products you are using, softer care to your hair (less hair dryer and less hair pulling, are among the first attentions that your hair deserve. Essential oils (french lavender, rosemary, clary sage, cedar tree, lemongrass) can be your hair’s best friends, diluted (at 3%) in a organic oil that hydrates, nourishes and encourages the growth of hair follicles (coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil…).



Around 80% of the transplanted hair fall, between 3 and 6 weeks after the operation. From their roots will born the new hair, 3 or 4 months later. Follicles extracted from covered zones (back of the skull, temples) not having the genetical codes of previous hair implanted on the crown, will stay for the rest of your life… or nearly.

How much does a FUE hair graft cost in Turkey?

The price of a FUE hair graft conducted in Istanbul, Turkey, with Body Expert’s partners, is about 80% cheaper than in western european countries, with the best aesthetic surgeons, highly qualified and experienced and using the most up to date medical technology. With Dr Cinik’s clinic, the FUE hair graft is associated with PRP blood protocol. To the proposed prices are included VIP services with personal assistant and translator, all transfers airport/hotel/clinic, and 5 star hotel accommodation with breakfast included.

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