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Blog-Facettes-Lumineers-Top-image 11 January 2021

Lumineers veneers

Lecture : 4 min. par Antoine

When it comes to dental veneers, there are many different brands on the market. Some of them are better than others. Lumineers veneers are popular, but Body Expert does not recommend them for the following reasons: they are often standardized and not tailored to the individual, they have a long manufacturing time, and they are thin and fragile. We recommend the use of ceramic veneers with an Emax finish that can be tailored specifically to your smile.

What are Lumineers ?

Lumineers is an American brand of veneers, made of industrial ceramic (porcelain). Among the most widely used in the art of cosmetic dentistry, especially in the United States, they have been around for about 30 years, and became famous in the 1990s, thanks to stars and broadcasters sporting the same “Hollywood smile” with well-aligned, brilliantly white teeth. They remain fairly standard and give the same unnatural, straight, opaque smile. Lumineers require a long manufacturing time after the print of the teeth. Very thin, they can be placed without the need to trim teeth unlike other ceramic veneers, as long as your teeth are well aligned, without overlaps. They are custom-made from patented Cerinate ceramic (feldspathic ceramic pressed and reinforced with leucite nano-crystals).

If you are considering veneers or are looking for a way to improve the look of your teeth, be sure to consider Lumineers veneers. You deserve to love your teeth and smile more often. Lumineers teeth can help you achieve more confidence and a healthier smile. Talk to your dentist about them today to find out if they are the best option for you.

les avantages des facettes dentaires Lumineers

What are the benefits of Lumineers ?

  • Lumineers veneers are exceptionally thin : their thickness is generally between 0.3 and 0.2 mm. Their very thin ceramic material makes them minimally invasive, allowing them to be bonded with little or no intervention on the dentin.
  • Unlike traditional veneers or Emax veneers, which require more extensive preparation of the teeth by grinding the enamel surface of the teeth receiving the veneers, they are simply bonded to the patient’s teeth after a slight preparation. Their installation is therefore easy, painless, and requires no local anesthesia : three appointments are sufficient, the first one to make the mask, the second one for the simulations, and the last one for the installation.
  • With a resistance higher than 216 MPa of pressure, they are considered very solid.
  • The aesthetic level is very satisfying, in an “American Hollywood” style, and the quality of manufacture as well as the international professional guarantees offered by the Lumineers brand are undeniable.

les inconvénients des facettes dentaires Lumineers

What are the disadvantages of Lumineers ?

  • Standardized, they are not suitable for patients who require a high degree of personalization of their veneers.
  • Since they can only be produced by Lumineers ceramists in their European factory, there is a long delay between manufacturing, shipping and delivery to the dental clinic implementing the Lumineers veneers on the patient. These conditions are impossible for patients who stay a few days in Istanbul for their dental care.
  • Because they are very thin, Lumineers veneers are very delicate to apply.
  • Their thinness can become a weakness : translucent, they can be incompatible with stained teeth. Depending on the condition or color of the patient’s teeth, it may be necessary to polish the teeth in order to mask the staining, or to change the shape or position of the teeth. In this case, the patient could choose opaque veneers, but they will not properly mimic real teeth.
  • Teeth receiving Lumineers veneers must be properly aligned, with no significant misalignment or gap between the front teeth.
  • Lumineers veneers are significantly more expensive than Emax veneers (30 to 50% higher).

Procédure de pose de facette Lumineers ?

How are the Lumineers applied ?

Three appointments are required, each lasting several hours and spaced several weeks apart. During the first appointment, a print of the teeth is taken in the dental office, and digital simulations are made from pictures. Then a simulation mask, or mock up, is placed on the teeth to give an overall view of the result. Once the simulation is validated, the veneers are ordered from the manufacturing plant. They are then delivered and applied in the dental clinic. All this within a few weeks. The factory keeps the manufacturing data of the veneers : in case of loss or breakage, the missing veneer is quickly produced and sent free of charge.

How long do Lumineers dental veneers last ?

According to clinical findings, more than 90% of Lumineers veneers maintain their brilliance and integrity for more than twelve years, as long as good oral health is performed. The most common failures are cracks or fractures in the ceramic, and sometimes infiltrations that change the color of the veneers. Detachment is very rare. For people suffering from bruxism, it is recommended that they wear a mouth guard to avoid damaging the ridges of the veneers.

Procédure de pose de facette Lumineers ?


Do Lumineers damage your teeth?

Lumineers are safe for your teeth and will not damage them. Lumineers seal tightly to teeth so no food particles or plaque can get under them. The gumline and the natural tooth are undisturbed, and the Lumineers can be treated like natural teeth. As long as you maintain proper dental hygiene and have periodic dental cleaning and exams, your teeth will remain healthy with the Lumineers teeth veneers.

How much do Lumineers cost per tooth?

Lumineers teeth are easy to apply, and an affordable option for anyone considering veneers. On average, you can expect to pay between $800 and $2,000 per tooth. There is no prep required for these veneers, and you do not have to have your teeth filed down before a dentist applies them.

Overall, the average price of a Lumineers veneer varies greatly between countries and dental clinics. The price indicated includes the material, the installation and the associated care for one Lumineers veneer.

  • Turkey: 250 to 450€
  • Hungary: 800€
  • Tunisia: 450€
  • Belgium : 1000 to 1400€
  • Germany : 800 to 1500€
  • UK : 850 to 950 £

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Are Lumineers more expensive than veneers?

If you worry about the cost of veneers, keep in mind that Lumineers teeth veneers are much more affordable. Because they are much thinner and can be applied faster and more efficiently, Lumineers teeth cost much less. Traditional veneers are made of thicker porcelain and require a lot of prep work and time for application. Lumineers are the more straightforward and most affordable way to improve the look of your teeth.

Cost, delay and services offered by Body Expert for applying Lumineers veneers in Istanbul, Turkey

At Body Expert, customer satisfaction is at the heart of their offers and services. Lumineers veneers are manufactured and certified by their technicians, and the unit price is only 250€ instead of 450€ (average price in Turkey). This allows them to carry out the entire treatment, from the prints to the fitting, while staying only 9 days in Istanbul. In addition, this price includes a French-speaking assistant. Booking a 4-star hotel and a private car transfer service will be proposed as an option when you draw up your personalized and free quote.

How to choose between Lumineers and Emax veneers ?

Tastes and colors are not always chosen according to rational criteria. However, Body Expert’s dental clinics and partner dentists advise against the use of Lumineers brand dental veneers, for reasons that their patients, especially dental travelers, can only agree with : too many prerequisites (tint, alignment, spacing, etc.), lack of personalization, standardization of the smile, and longer manufacturing times. These are all shortcomings that Emax dental veneers do not have.

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  • Thomas Blott

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am interested in receiving a smile makeover. In particular, I am interested in getting lumineers or no-prep veneers done as well as gum aesthetics to treat my gum disease.
    Please can you advise me of my options.

  • Cai

    I am interested in non-invasive veneers such as lumineers. Do you have before and after examples of previous customers?
    I am wary as the info I have is that Lumineers are only made in the US.
    I look forward to your redponse.

    • BodyExpert

      Hi and nice to meet you ????
      Please fill out a form by clicking on this link
      One of our customer assistants will contact you directly to to answer all your questions, bring recommendations from our doctors and make your quote ???? See you soon from the team

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