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Prix-facettes-02 16 July 2022

Veneers cost : complete comparison by brands, materials, and countries

Lecture : 5 min. par Antoine

To gain a beautiful smile, choosing veneers requires careful consideration and analysis, in order to take into account all the elements of calculation and get the best product at the best price. Not refunded by the health insurance system and often badly covered by personal health insurances, since it is considered as cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers offer a wide range of prices. Depending on the material chosen –porcelain or composite-, the prosthetist’s fees, the dentist’s fees and the dental clinic’s margin, the price of a dental veneer in the UK can vary from £275 up to £1000 per unit. And when a set of twelve veneers must be implemented, the bill can quickly become unbearable…

In the same way, considering the installation of veneers for aesthetic reasons should not mask the need to take care of deeper orthodontic problems, beforehand. Each patient is different, each dentition has its own specificities and solutions: dental implants, crowns or clear aligners may be necessary before adopting dental veneers. Don’t put the car before the horse ! Hence the importance of a precise estimate, taking all the parameters in consideration, in order to obtain a personalized diagnosis and to better compare prices, especially when a patient decides, in order to save money, to carry out his dental care abroad.

Thus, when asking for an estimate, and in order to better compare prices in the UK, the Netherlands, and the most competitive dental tourism destinations (Hungary, Spain and Turkey), it is imperative to take into account the possible orthodontic work, the type of materia and the brand, the fees of the prosthetist and those of the dentist, as well as the clinic fees, all of which vary. Choosing quality also means choosing the life span of your veneers, like a long-term investment on your smile. A gummy smile treatment may also be necessary (which is systematically done by Body Expert), in order to align your gums with your new teeth!

A first appointment with a practitioner in your country allows you to identify the problems, establish an initial estimate, and then compare the prices charged abroad.

a dentist placing a veneer

Prices of dental veneers according to the type of material and the brand.

Material Average price per veneer in UK Average price per veneer in Spain Average price per veneer in Hungary Average price per veneer in Turkey
Composite resin veneer Between £275-£475 380€ 350€ Not recommended


Porcelain veneer with Emax finish Between
480€ 450€ 250€
Lumineers Between £850 to £950 900€ 800€ Not recommended

As this comparison table reveals, the price of dental veneers is subject to significant price variability, depending on the material chosen and the country where the patient will choose to have his operation. If each type of dental veneer has its advantages and disadvantages, the dental clinics selected by Body Expert in Istanbul, Turkey, advise against composite resin veneers, notably because of their faster degradation and their inevitable yellowing. Their preference is for ceramic veneers with porcelain finish, both for aesthetic reasons and for their durability. However, it is important to choose the best formula: Lumineers ceramic veneers are not recommended by Body Expert’s dental specialists because of their standardized look (the famous Hollywood smile)and the teeth whitening, their long manufacturing time and their production constraints. In fact, only patients with minor defects, without overlapping or deformation, can be eligible for Lumineers veneers, which do not require prior trimming of the teeth. Which concerns a very small proportion of cases!

Prices of Emax dental veneers depending on the country chosen

The dental specialists prescribed by Body Expert prefer to work with Emax porcelain veneers with a custom-made finishing, offering the widest range of shades on the market. With the Emax porcelain finish, the veneers will be identical as the patient’s natural teeth. These high-end veneers are slightly more expensive, but they can be adapted to each dentition and last much longer: from 15 to 20 years, or even longer, if the patient takes extra care of his teeth hygiene. The icing on the cake: Body Expert offers a two-year warranty on Emax veneers. The charts below compare the prices of Emax veneers performed in the UK with those offered in Hungary, Spain and Turkey, the three most competitive dental tourism destinations for European patients.

Between the UK and Turkey, the price difference -more than 70% savings on average- does not challenge the quality of the material used or the dental care expertise of Turkish professionals: the testimonies and the results before/after the implementation gathered from Body Expert’s patients tend to prove it. This difference can be explained by the price of labor, especially that of the dental prosthesists, who can produce very high quality prostheses, but are paid four times less than their colleagues in UK…

The price of dental veneers in Spain

Average price in Spain Average price in the UK
Emax dental veneer 480€ £750
Average savings 46% savings

The price of dental veneers in Hungary

Average price in Hungary Average price in the UK
Emax dental veneer 450€ £750
Average savings 49% savings

The price of dental veneers in Turkey

Average price in Turkey Average price in the UK
Emax dental veneer 250€ £750
Average savings 72% savings

Body Expert’s offer

Emax dental veneer 250€ / unit price

Gummy smile 350€ / unit price

Deadline, guarantee and quality protocol:

Our Emax veneers are 100% porcelain with a handmade 7 layer Emax finish. This is the choice of our prosthetists to guarantee you the best durability with a natural look.

For an Emax veneer placement without implants, the duration of the stay is 8 nights on site. This delay is incomprehensible for the good progress of our quality protocol which includes preparatory care, the meticulous manufacture of the prosthesis, a fitting, and a quality and technical control between 6 hours and 24 hours after the installation.

Our veneers are guaranteed for 2 years.

Please note:

Our fees include :

  • the assistance of a customer service representative in your language at each step
  • transfers between the hotel and the clinic

They do not include :

  • the hotel
  • airport transfers
  • your flight

When we prepare your quote, we will offer you our 4* or 5* hotels (breakfast included) and transfers (airport/hotel/clinic/airport) at our preferential rates, depending on the number of nights and treatments planned. You will be able to choose this option or not.


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