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Mastopexie-Top 26 February 2022

Mastopexy or breast lift: the ultimate solution for correct breast ptosis

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With age, after a pregnancy, a change in weight, or even after breastfeeding, the breast can lose volume and fall below the submammary fold. Sagging breasts, or breast ptosis, is one of the main problems facing women. To correct the volume of the breasts and restore their shape, it is possible to undergo a mastopexy in Turkey. We tell you everything about breast lift in Turkey.

Breast ptosis: what is it and what causes it?

Breast ptosis is defined by a sagging of the mammary gland, combined with a loosening of the skin. Breast ptosis occurs when the areola and nipple are at or below the level of the submammary fold.

There are several grades to describe the level of breast ptosis:

  • Grade 1: The breast begins to fall. The areola is above the inframammary fold.
  • Grade 2: The areola looks moderately downward. The nipple is at the level of the submammary fold or slightly below.
  • Grade 3 and grade 4: we speak of severe ptosis. The areola is below the breast fold and looks downward.

breast ptosis grades


Breast ptosis can be seen at any age. drooping breasts can be congenital, meaning that the breast has always had a drooping appearance, starting in adolescence. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are also among the causes of loss of breast volume and sagging breasts. During pregnancy, to prepare the body for breastfeeding, the milk ducts develop. After breastfeeding, the milk ducts atrophy, and the breast returns to its normal size. This change in volume, combined with a loss of skin elasticity, contributes to the development of breast ptosis.

What is the principle of mastopexy or breast lift ?

The mastopexy, or breast lifting, is a cosmetic surgery operation aimed at lifting the breasts. This breast surgery in Turkey consists of restoring the shape of the breasts and lifting the breast tissue. The mastopexy allows the removal of excess skin, reworking the shape of the breast and lifting the breast. A breast lift can also correct breast asymmetry, either by breast augmentation, breast reduction or a plastic reconstructive.

breast lift surgery phases

How a mastopexy is performed?

This plastic surgery of the breast is performed according to the patient’s wishes, the degree of ptosis, the shape and volume of the breast, and the quality of the skin.

Before the lift surgery

Before the lift mastopexy, it is necessary to perform a biological assessment. A blood test and a consultation with an anesthesiologist should be scheduled. Preoperative radiological examinations (mammography and ultrasound) may be indicated.

To promote healing, smoking cessation is recommended.

The procedure

Mastopexy is performed under general anesthesia in an operating room. It requires between 1h30 and 2 hours of surgery. If the breasts are too large, it is possible to proceed with a breast reduction. On the other hand, if the volume of the breasts is deemed insufficient by the patient, it is possible to combine mastopexy with breast augmentation. Breast augmentation can be done with breast prostheses or through fat transfer, also called lipofilling.

Breast uplift results

The results of a breast uplift surgery are immediate. To observe final results, it is necessary to wait a few weeks for the swelling and bruising to subside.

The results of a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation
The results of a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation
The results of a mastopexy combined with a tummy tuck
The results of a mastopexy combined with a tummy tuck
Tummy Tuck and breast lift before / after
Tummy Tuck and breast lift before / after
Breast lift and liposuction results
Breast lift and liposuction results

Post surgery breast care

Post-operative care depends on the procedure performed. After a mastopexy, the patient may experience moderate pain, which can be alleviated by taking painkillers. A support bra should be worn for 1 month after the boob lift. Prolonged swimming and physical activity should be avoided for 2 months after the breast surgery.

The different mastopexy techniques used according to the grade of breast ptosis

The choice of mastopexy technique to correct breast ptosis depends on its grade and whether the volume of the breast needs to be treated.

When the volume of the breast is sufficient, the placement of breast implants or lipofilling is not necessary. The plastic surgeon proceeds with a breast lift to tighten the skin and give the breasts a shapelier shape. The excess skin is removed, and the breast gland is left intact.

When the volume of the breast is insufficient, the plastic surgeon can perform a mastopexy with implants. The implants will then fill in the neckline and bring the necessary volume to the breast. In the context of a mastopexy, breast augmentation can also be performed by lipofilling. The breast is then lifted, and the breast is filled by the injection of fat.Depending on the procedure performed and the degree of breast ptosis to be corrected, the scars will be in different places. The scars of the breast lift may be located around the areola (or periareolar scar) for corrections of mild breast ptosis, around the areola and vertical in the case of moderate ptosis, or around the areola and in the shape of an inverted T (or sea anchor) to correct severe ptosis.


Why have a mastopexy in Turkey?

Turkey is at the top of the list of destinations for mastopexy surgery. And for good reason, the most highly trained doctors in this type of operation are located there. Performing a boob lift in Turkey allows you to take advantage of one of the best healthcare systems in the world and experienced health care professionals. In addition to the health care advantages, Turkey offers the opportunity to have a breast lift at a lower cost. You will enjoy the highest quality of care and a warm Turkish welcome.

What is the price of a mastopexy at Body Expert ?

At BodyExpert, a major actor of medical tourism in Turkey, in Istanbul.
a Breast Lift alone, or a Mastopexy is at an average price of 2700€ to 3500€.

This price includes hotel/clinic transfers, preoperative consultation, surgery, anesthesia, overnight hospitalization, assistance on site and at each stage of care, a translator in your language, control and postoperative follow-up.

As an option, you will be offered airport/hotel transfers, as well as 4* or 5* hotels with breakfast at preferential prices.

Price comparison of a mastopexy in Turkey versus worldwide ?

Premium breast lift Average price in Turkey Average price in the UK Average price in the US Average price in the Netherlands
Mastopexy €2700 to €3500 £4000 to £7000 $5000 to $7000 €4500 to €5500


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