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Lipo-mollets-01 14 June 2022

Calf liposuction

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Calf liposuction is a plastic surgery operation that consists of removing excess fat from the anterior aspect of the tibia. It also involves fatty tissue in the calf muscles, Achilles tendons and ankles. Calf liposuction and ankles liposuction allow to refine the lower legs and to harmonize their volumes. Scheduling calf liposuction in Turkey is considered an excellent way to treat this diet-resistant area while enjoying the best in cosmetic surgery. Organize your medical trip with Body Expert and benefit from the best plastic surgeons and clinics in the world.

A surgeon performing calf liposuction

What are the steps of a calf liposuction?

Before the procedure

Prior to liposuction, the patient must undergo a pre-operative check-up to rule out any medical contraindications. A consultation with the surgeon is also planned to obtain more detailed information about the procedure. The patient can then share his or her expectations with the plastic surgeon and ask any questions he or she may have.

Liposuction procedure

Calf reduction procedures are performed in an operating room under general anesthesia. The procedure consists of introducing micro-cannulas under the skin through a small incision to suck out the fat cells (deep and superficial) present on the calves and ankles. It will be possible to treat the inner and outer sides of the calf.

Post-operative care

After a calf reduction surgery, a compression garment must be worn and kept on for several weeks. An edema may form in the ankle and calf region and persist for about 3 months after the procedure. If pain is felt, painkillers can be prescribed to alleviate it.

compression socks to wear after calf liposuction

How much does a calf liposuction cost?

  • Calf liposuction price in the UK : from £2,750 and £3,500
  • Calf liposuction price in the Netherlands : from 1800€ to 3000€.
  • Calf liposuction price in the US : from 3000$ to 6000$.
  • Calf liposuction price in Turkey : from 1600€ to 2000€.

If the calves are not the only area you wish to treat, it will be possible to combine several liposuctions during the same medical stay. By combining several liposuction areas, the patient will benefit from an even lower rate.

cannulas with fat collected during liposuction

Why do a calf liposuction in Turkey?

Turkey is at the forefront of cosmetic surgery techniques. Having your calf and ankle liposuction done in Turkey allows you to benefit from the best conditions of stay, the best care, and the best prices. By planning your calf liposuction with Body Expert, you will have the opportunity to discover the fabulous landscapes of Turkey and to soak up the cultural riches of Istanbul.

Calf liposuction in Turkey: the medical journey

You dream of a service 100% dedicated to the organization of your medical trip to Turkey? With Body Expert, a certified travel agency, you don’t have to worry about anything. Accommodation, transfers, planning of medical treatments, personalized accompaniment with an expert who speaks French… our services take care of everything. In addition to your ankle and calf liposuction, discover Istanbul, its gastronomy, its cultural heritage and its pleasant climate all year round.

What are the indications and contraindications for a calf liposuction?

Calf Liposuction is intended for men and women who have excess fat localized at this level. This procedure makes it possible to refine the calves in a durable and natural way. Calf liposuction is not recommended for people with serious medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity and a history of phlebitis.

a calf massage may be helpful after calf liposuction

What are the side effects and risks of a calf liposuction?

The side effects of calf liposuction are relatively mild and transient. They may include bruising that will disappear after a few days, swelling that will persist for a few weeks and pain that can be relieved by taking painkillers.

Does a calf liposuction require general anesthesia?

Calf liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that requires general anesthesia. That is why, before the operation, a pre-anesthetic visit with an anesthesiologist will be scheduled.

Are the results of a calf liposuction permanent?

The results of a calf liposuction are visible immediately after the procedure. However, the final result will not be seen for 3 to 6 months, the time it takes for the edema to subside and the skin to tighten.

What operations can be performed in addition to a calf liposuction?

Ankle and calf liposuction is one of the most popular procedures because of the excellent results it achieves. For an even more harmonious slimming of the legs, it is possible to perform liposuction of the knees and thighs at the same time.

Calf liposuction: before and after

After a calf liposuction, the leg is more shapely and the ankles are more refined. This procedure harmonizes the proportions between the upper and lower parts of the leg.


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    Hey I’m interested in having a complete legs lipo including calf, also some dental work done.

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