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cheveux-Greffe-Reussie-01 16 August 2022

Successful hair transplant: how to ensure the best success rate

Lecture : 4 min. par Harmonie

Hair transplant, or hair implants, consists of implanting grafts taken from the patient’s donor area. This effective solution to baldness in both men and women allows patients to regain their self-confidence when hair loss is a physical complex. For a successful hair transplant, several steps must be completed successfully. Indeed, several factors, such as the surgeon, the preoperative diagnosis, the choice of technique or the respect of postoperative care, influence the hair transplant success. Find out everything you need to know about the right behaviors to adopt to promote the success of hair transplant in Turkey.

The choice of the surgeon

For a successful hair transplant, making the right choice of surgeon is a prerequisite. Only an experienced surgeon can guarantee a successful hair transplant in Turkey. Indeed, this type of surgery requires a specific qualification to be able to propose the appropriate hair transplant method and to handle the tools necessary to perform it.

Turkey is world renowned for the quality of its hair transplant surgeons. Whether you need an FUE hair transplant, a DHI hair transplant, a Regenera Activa stem cell hair transplant or a hair transplant for women, Turkey stands out for the experience and training of its surgeons, who have mastered the various hair transplant techniques to perfection. Turn to a hair transplant clinic known for the quality of its surgeons and medical team surrounding the patients.

A rigorous hair assessment for a good diagnosis

A good diagnosis is essential to ensure that the hair transplant is successful. Indeed, this step makes it possible to carry out a preliminary study of the donor area to verify that the donor area contains enough grafts to cover the recipient area. The hair assessment is also necessary to know if the grafts in the donor area are of good quality. The thickness and the number of follicles per graft are two elements that must be imperatively controlled to guarantee the success of the hair transplant.

A clear understanding of your expectations

In order for the result of the hair transplant to be in accordance with the patient’s expectations, it is essential that he or she be able to express them during a preoperative visit. This visit allows the patient to know the areas where the hair loss is the most important and to note the areas to be corrected in priority. It is also useful to express specific wishes concerning the hairline.

Careful extraction of hair follicles

Whether it is FUE hair transplants or DHI hair transplants, the follicular unit extraction must be done with great care. It requires experience and dexterity to ensure the success of the hair transplant. The surgeon must determine the orientation, exit angle and direction of each follicular unit to extract them without damaging them.

Proper extraction of the hair follicles is critical to achieving natural looking results from the hair transplant. On the other hand, a bad extraction can cause irreparable damage, so that a new hair transplant trend will be impossible. FUE manual is the best technique available for hair follicles extraction.

Optimal storage conditions for follicles

After extraction, the follicles are sorted and collected according to the number of hairs per follicle. They are stored in a dedicated container at low temperature, usually 4°C. Deprived of blood circulation, the grafts must be fed with a nutrient solution to be revitalized and strengthened.

The right choice of implementation method

Making the right choice of hair transplant procedure is essential to guarantee a natural result in accordance with the patient’s wishes. Implantation can be done with a CHOI pen in the case of a DHI hair transplant, or with a Saphir blade in the case of a FUE hair transplant. Each hair transplant procedure has its advantages. Only an experienced hair transplant surgeon will be able to best advise the patient on the implantation technique that will be the most suitable.

Careful placement of the grafts

The process of implanting the grafts is critical to a successful hair transplant surgery. Each patient has a unique hair growth pattern that requires special planning to optimize the outcome of the hair transplant. There are several factors that must be considered for a successful implantation of the grafts. Among them, the exit angle of the hair follicle from the scalp, the direction of the hair follicles and precise alignment of the hair follicles are some of the factors to consider during the implantation process.

Respect for post-operative care and the instructions given by the surgeon

After the hair transplant procedures, several steps of post-operative care must be completed to promote the hair transplant success rate and fight against female and male pattern baldness. Following these steps, as well as the surgeon’s recommendations, is essential to promote regrowth and obtain optimal results. After the hair transplant procedure, it is necessary not to engage in physical activity for several weeks after the operation, not to expose oneself to the sun, not to wear a cap or a motorcycle helmet, not to rub or scratch the transplanted area and to avoid sauna sessions. The use of appropriate hair products is also necessary to promote regrowth and optimize the results of the hair transplant.

With Body Expert, the steps to follow after the hair transplant procedure are clearly explained. The patient is guided step by step after the operation to complete the healing process and to ensure that the expected regrowth and results are achieved. The Body Expert medical team will monitor the patient’s progress by taking photos at various stages of the post-operative follow-up (the first 7 days, 1 month, etc.).

Stress, smoking, drugs, or alcohol consumption are all factors that can hinder the success of the hair transplant. Smoking and drinking constrict the blood vessels, which affects the amount of blood flow and reduces the ability of the blood to carry oxygen. As a result, hair follicles will not receive the nutrients they need for hair growth. For this reason, it is highly recommended to stop smoking before the procedure and to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the healing process.

Food supplements to promote regrowth

To take care of your hair and ensure a successful hair transplant, a daily intake of vitamins and nutrients is essential. This contribution implies adopting a healthy and balanced diet, and supplementing its meals with food supplements that promote hair growth. This is particularly the case with food supplements based on Saw Palmetto, Biotin and multi-vitamins and minerals.

Hair transplantation is a chirurgical discipline that is constantly benefiting from innovations that increase the success rate and decrease the healing process. Turkey offers several advantages in hair transplantation. In addition to offering a particularly attractive price for hair transplantation, the country has the best surgeons specializing in hair implants. For a successful hair transplant, turn to an expert medical tourism agency such as Body Expert to get the best care at the best price. Body Expert organizes your stay in Turkey from A to Z and brings you the best guarantees of quality, hygiene and post-operative follow-up in terms of hair transplantation.

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