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Greffe-Hongrie-01 7 October 2022

Hair transplant in Hungary: Should you choose Budapest or Istanbul?

Lecture : 3 min. par Harmonie

In the era of medical tourism, Hungary and its capital, Budapest, is a star destination, thanks to its experience in dental tourism, its proximity to the main capitals of Western Europe, and its tourist appeal. But what about hair transplants? In this field, its hair clinics do not have the international reputation and the quality/price ratio of their competitors in Istanbul, Turkey, whose hair surgeons can boast several decades of experience. Comparison.

the Hungarian flag and the Turkish flag

Why a hair transplant in Hungary or Turkey?

When considering a hair transplant, in order to alleviate partial or advanced alopecia, the first step is to determine the budget. In the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands, it can cost between €8000 and €12 000 (£7100 to £11000) , depending on the technique used and the number of grafts implanted. In some nearby countries, specialized clinics offer hair transplants for 2000 Euros. Medical tourism becomes the solution, to finding a smile with beautiful hair, without ruining yourself. All that remains is to choose the destination.

Since the 1990s, Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has been a pioneer in medical tourism. The country has opened up and modernized rapidly, and Western Europe has discovered the skills of its dental surgeons, offering care of equivalent quality at very affordable prices. Finally, many Europeans were able to come here to have their teeth restored without breaking the bank while discovering the old-fashioned charm of the “Paris of Eastern Europe”, rich in historical heritage.

happy man after its hair transplant in Hungary

However, hair transplantation is a different medical expertise than dental care, for which Hungary does not have the experience and state-of-the-art equipment of the specialized clinics in Turkey. From the art of mustache to hereditary female baldness (this can be cured with stem cells hair transplant, Istanbul has, for more than two decades, built an international reputation, attracting clients from the Middle East, Russia, Africa, and all over Europe for hair transplants as well as for dental care and cosmetic surgery.

A FUE hair transplant with implantation with sapphire blade

Choosing the right hair transplant technique first

As each patient is a different case, every hair transplant must be adapted to the patient’s hair nature, using different processes and implantation methods. The surgeon’s experience accounts for a lot of the success rate of hair transplantation. When choosing your clinic to perform a hair transplant, ensure that the technique used is adapted to your needs.


Choosing the right number of follicles extracted and reimplanted, determining the right angle of implantation a follow rigorously the post-operative treatment are key factors on a successful hair transplant. For instance, the FUE hair transplantation method is commonly practiced in Budapest, which is not the case for DHI hair transplant, with a sapphire blade or micro punch Choi, or the manual FUE hair transplantation technique, for which the clinics are not equipped. In Istanbul, however, surgeons who are experts in these techniques have already performed thousands of hair transplants with these methods and tools.

Man gets hair transplant in Hungary

Tourism: Budapest or Istanbul?

Budapest: the pearl of the Danube

Budapest and Istanbul are so different and incomparable, that you have to discover them both if you have the chance.

Budapest is a majestic imperial city of barely 2 million inhabitants, renowned for its architectural heritage reflected in the waters of the Danube. Its cultural life, rather conservative, is less hectic than other neighbouring capitals. And since its integration into the EU, the cost of living has become less attractive. Finally, if you want to wade in the “Belle Epoque” baths of Széchenyi or dive into the sultry bars of the old Jewish quarter of Erzsébetváros, candidates for hair transplants should be warned: swimming, alcohol, and sexual activity are forbidden after a hair transplant.

View of Budapest: the Chain Bridge in the foreground and the Royal Palace in the background

Istanbul: the city of the world’s desire

Istanbul is a megalopolis of 20 million inhabitants, bordering two seas and straddling two continents, a multi-millennial whirlpool between Asia and Europe.

For those who do not know it yet, the economic, historical, and cultural capital of Turkey creates a shock on the first visit. And it doesn’t reveal itself entirely on the first visit, as there are so many places to see, ancient or contemporary, sounds to hear, things to taste… But all its visitors will agree, from their first trip: the welcome, the quality of service, and the gastronomy are incomparable. And despite the galloping inflation from which the population suffers, Turkey remains very competitive for visitors with Euros or dollars, the Turkish lira offering a favourable exchange rate.

Finally, as far as air access is concerned, Istanbul is about 3 hours away from the main European cities, compared to 2 hours for Budapest. For the budget of the plane ticket, Istanbul can be 30 to 50% more expensive than Budapest, which is connected by many low-cost companies. It all depends on the season chosen and the airline used.

The Istanbul Port

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