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01-Prothèse-dentaire-fixe 19 November 2022

All about fixed dentures

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Implant-supported fixed dentures are a solution for replacing damaged or missing teeth over the long term. These devices help restore the comfort and aesthetic properties of the teeth. Do you suffer from damaged teeth or partial or complete edentulism? Find out everything you need to know about implant-supported fixed dentures.

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As specialists in dental prostheses, we offer our patients the most advanced solutions, such as all-on-6, at a price that is 70% lower than in the UK, or the Netherlands.

There is a wide variety of fixed dental prostheses, in this article we give you a complete overview of all the prostheses used. In the case of advanced edentulism, we recommend that the mouth be cleaned up and that an All-on-6 be placed in each jaw. This is a durable and healthy solution. For other cases, a dental check-up with a panoramic X-ray will enable us to define the areas requiring implants or care of damaged teeth in order to cover them with an Emax crown or a crown bridge.

a patient before and after his installation of fixed dental prostheses

We have solutions for every cases! Do not hesitate to ask for a free estimate without obligation, in order to regain a smile and impeccable dental hygiene.

What are fixed dental prostheses on implants for?

A fixed implant denture is a medical device that replaces one or more altered or missing teeth. This solution is intended for edentulous people and people who are missing only a few teeth.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the fixed dental prosthesis allows for restoring balance at the level of the jaw. This balance is essential to prevent joint or muscle pain that can affect the entire body.

a crown fixed on implant

The fixed dental prosthesis is installed on implant-supported dentures. The dental implant is a screw inserted into the alveolar bone, the bone that supports the teeth. This artificial dental root provides adequate support for the fixed denture on a permanent basis. Unlike removable dentures, which can be easily removed, fixed dentures cannot be removed except by a dentist. Removable dentures are indicated when it is impossible to make a fixed denture. When it is possible, a denture implant supported remains the best solution to replace missing teeth. It is ideal for restoring optimal chewing comfort and the appearance of regular teeth. These prostheses meet the patient’s requirements, particularly in terms of aesthetics.

The different types of fixed dentures

There are several types of fixed dentures. The choice of fixed dentures depends on the patient’s needs and the condition of their teeth. Among the implant-retained dentures available are:

model of a dental prosthesis on abutment

  • Dental crowns: The dental crown replaces the entire visible part of the tooth by covering it and making it stronger. It is indicated when a tooth is too damaged to be repaired, or when it has been devitalized following dental decay. It protects the original tooth and restores the comfort of chewing and the smile’s aesthetics.

a dental crown

  • Inlays/Onlays: these medical devices are partial prostheses that will rebuild the tooth. Inlays and Onlays are placed when a tooth is damaged or devitalised. The inlay allows the reconstruction of the internal part of the tooth while the Onlays allow the reconstruction of the visible part.

a dental bridge

  • Dental bridge: A dental bridge consists of replacing one or more missing teeth with a prosthesis that rests on the adjacent teeth. If the adjacent teeth are too damaged, the bridge can be placed on implants.

Complete bridges on implants (all-on-4, all-on-6, all-on-8)

The full bridge is an arch dental implant attached to the maxillary bone at the top and to the mandibular bone at the bottom. This implant-retained denture can be anchored with 4 (all-on-4), 6 (all-on-6) or 8 (all-on-8) titanium pieces. This permanent solution allows the replacement of all the teeth of an arch and the restoration of real chewing comfort over the long term. Without a false palate, this device provides a natural result. Most often, full bridges on implants do not require a bone graft. Unlike removable dentures, dental implant treatment requires the same maintenance as natural teeth.

an all-on-4

  • All-on-4: the all-on-4 technique uses four dental implants. Less expensive than other types of all-on, all-on-4s do not guarantee good comfort and stability.

a all-on-6

  • All-on-6: All-on-6 is the best solution for patients with sufficient jawbone structure and who want to benefit from the most cost-effective full dental bridge surgery on implants. Attached to 6 implants evenly distributed along the jawbone, the all-on-6 allows for reconstruction of the upper and lower teeth and a highly aesthetic smile.

a all-on-8

  • All-on-8: generally used to treat the upper jaw, all-on-8 is indicated for patients who have lost many teeth or who are completely edentulous. Although very expensive, this solution is not better than the all-on-6.

In most cases, Body Expert recommends all-on-6. The all-on-6 is an archwire made of a false gum on which 10 to 12 ceramic or porcelain teeth are implanted. This type of bridge can be kept for at least 20 years. It can last up to 30 years.

Other types of prostheses are less expensive but less durable and more likely to break. In the all-on range, Body Expert exclusively recommends the all-on-6, the all-on-4 offering a less satisfactory result. As for the all-on-8, the comfort and stability gained do not justify the price.

Screw-in bridges on 6 dental implants

The bridge screwed on 6 dental implants, is as its name indicates, screwed inside the implant’s fixed dentures. Also known as “bridge on stilts” or “bridge Branemark”, allows it to slow down the bone resorption caused by edentulism. The screw-retained dental prosthesis offers great stability and does not require glue, unlike the classic denture.

a 6 screw-retained denture

The screw-retained denture is installed in two steps:

  • The first step is to place the 6 dental implants into the jawbone. The first step is to place the 6 dental implants in the jawbone. The dental implant requires a sufficient amount of bone to be placed. In some patients, it is necessary to proceed with a bone graft.
  • The second procedure is based on the realization and the installation of the bridge after a healing period of 3 to 6 months.

Stabilized bridges on 4 implants

The stabilized prosthesis is a type of removable dental prosthesis that is clipped onto 4 dental implants. This type of bridge can be made using “snap fasteners” or a “Dolder bar”. When clipped onto the implants, the stabilized prosthesis does not require any glue. However, it is only a semi-fixed solution that can be removed every night for hygiene purposes. Made of resin, it needs to be changed every 10 years or so.

Body Expert strongly advises against this type of implant, which needs to be removed at night. Seeing yourself without your teeth every day does not help to regain self-confidence. The goal is to make you forget the frustrations of the past so that you can resume a normal social life and smile to the fullest.

une patiente en attente de pose d’une prothèse dentaire fixe

What is the cost of dental implants?

The price of fixed dental prostheses on implants depends on several elements, including the complexity of the orthodontic operation, the choice and brand of materials used, and whether a bone graft is required. Therefore it is very difficult to establish an objective price comparison.

In any case, the price of titanium implants is the most important expense for this type of surgery. The Body Expert comparison focuses on the cost of dental implants all-on-6 with 6 Straumann implants and 12 Emax crowns, which are considered by specialists to be the highest quality and most durable brands on the market.

If you wish to benefit from this type of treatment, be careful. Some dental clinics located abroad use Chinese-made implants and copies of well-known brands (Nobel, Straumann) but their quality remains questionable.

In France, Social Security partially covers the installation of crowns, prostheses or bridges, with a ceiling of 1465€. However, it does not provide any reimbursement, even partial, for implants.

Observed public prices :

  • The UK: 10000 to 12000 £
  • The US: 24 000 to 30 000 $
  • The Netherlands: 8000 to 12000 Euros
  • Turkey: 4000 to 6000 Euros

Body Expert Prices :

ALL IN 4 = 4 Straumann implants + 12 crowns Emax 4 100 €
ALL IN 6 = 6 Straumann implants + 12 crowns Emax 5 000 €


Having your fixed dentures fitted in Turkey guarantees unbeatable value for money

Turkey is on the list of must-see countries for planning dentures fixed implants. Indeed, the country is one of the most popular destinations for aesthetic and medical tourism. This is especially true for dental implant procedures. Scheduling a fixed denture treatment in Turkey allows you to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world while benefiting from the expertise of the most talented dentists. Turkey is home to some of the most experienced practitioners of dental surgery. The care provided is always state-of-the-art, and the capital, Istanbul, has a better infrastructure than the rest of the world.

Choosing Istanbul for your fixed dentures also allows you to visit a city with many attractions. The cultural and commercial capital of Turkey, Istanbul is a city in constant movement, day and night. Organizing your medical trip with Body Expert is ideal to benefit from a personalized accompaniment, unbeatable prices, top-of-the-range care and dedicated assistance speaking your language.

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