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The best implantologists in Turkey!

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  • Save up to 80% on your dental care
  • Choose the best implantologists in Istanbul
  • Restore a healthy and beautiful smile

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Our patients trust us

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Special offer !

Take advantage of : -15% off your Emax veneers, i.e. 250€/unit (instead of 295€/unit) and/or -20% on your Emax crowns, i.e. 220€/unit (instead of 275€/unit)

I want it
I want it

Why choose Body Expert in Istanbul?



Up to 80% cheaper than in England, Ireland and Scotland.



The best Emax prostheses and Straumann implants on the market.



Body Expert, the expert agency for medical tourism in Turkey.



A single English-speaking interlocutor until the postoperative follow-up.

Redo your teeth at Body Expert: What are the prices?

Our prices include: hotel/clinic/hotel transfers and the assistance of a client advisor assistance at each step and in your language.
They do not include: the hotel, airport/hotel/airport transfers and your flight.
Please note: when we prepare your quote, we will offer you our 4* or 5* hotels (breakfast included) and transfers (airport/hotel/airport) at our preferential rates, depending on the number of nights and treatments planned. This way, you can choose this option or not.

Dental care and treatment options Unit Price
Descaling 50 €
Extraction 60 €
Devitalization 100 €
Bleaching: Opalescence and laser 250 €
Gummy smile : Gum laser treatment 350 €
High-end prostheses with a natural look Unit Price
Veneer : 100% porcelain + Emax finish 295 €
Crown: 100% zirconia + Emax finish 275 €
Entry-level Straumann® implant Unit Price
Straumann® Neodent: Implant + abutment 330 €
Straumann® Neodent: Implant + abutment + Emax crown 550 €
Straumann® Neodent : All-on-4* 3840 €
Straumann® Neodent : All-on-6** 4390 €
Mid-range Straumann® implant Unit Price
Straumann® Medentika: Implant + abutment 475 €
Straumann® Medentika: Implant + abutment + Emax crown 695 €
Straumann® Medentika : All-on-4* 4340 €
Straumann® Medentika : All-on-6** 5240 €
High-end Straumann® implant Unit Price
Straumann® Straumann: Implant + abutment 650 €
Straumann® Straumann: Implant + abutment + Emax crown 870 €
Straumann® Straumann : All-on-4* 5040 €
Straumann® NeodStraumannent : All-on-6** 6240 €

*All-on-4 = 4 implants of the selected range + 12 crowns, 100% zirconia with 7-layer Emax finish.
**All-on-6 = 6 implants of the selected range + 12 crowns, 100% zirconia with 7-layer Emax finish.

Contact Us!
Contact Us!

Who we are?

“The creation of Body Expert is the result of a series of fortunate encounters and coincidences,” explains its founder. After working in the tourism sector for more than 20 years with Tourism tour operators, Burak moved to Istanbul five years ago to start his own medical tourism business. ”

Our passion for high quality service, our knowledge of the industry and my personal experience lead us to follow each of our clients individually. We know how important the reception, as well as the medical and psychological follow-up after the operation are: at the slightest concern, we take care of our patients’ dental care under guarantee, in Istanbul”, Burak insists.

“We work from the heart, and only then can we build a reputation that goes beyond borders. To achieve this goal, all of Body Expert’s medical tourism activities follow the same rigorous methods of selecting the best practitioners, surgeons and clinics in each area of intervention: hair transplant, dental care, beauty care, cosmetic surgery and eye surgery. “They are not the cheapest, but they are the best,” assures Burak Engineri.


How does it work?


Step 1

As soon as we receive your callback form, one of our customer service representatives will contact you to establish your objectives and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2

We will provide you with a no-obligation quote based on our specialists' analysis of your dental photos and/or x-rays that are less than 6 months old.

Step 3

After signing and validating your estimate, a deposit of 300€ will be requested in order to block the dates scheduled for your dental treatments.

Step 4

You will only need to send us a copy of your plane ticket to arrange your transfers and to welcome you in Istanbul. Your account manager will be there for you!

Request a free, no obligation quote

Request Free Quote
Request Free Quote

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Care

What is the difference between a veneer and a crown (filing, care, installation...)?

Dental veneers are prostheses dedicated to aesthetics. It is more fragile than the dental crowns, and can be posed only on the front teeth. They are fixed to the front of the teeth, which must be healthy. Pre-filing is mandatory so that the dental veneer will last over time, will not come off and will not create an extra thickness on the existing tooth. The filing is minimal and is done on the face and sides of the tooth where the dental veneer will be placed.

Dental crowns are prostheses dedicated to dental care and aesthetics. Unlike dental veneers, they can be placed on all types of teeth, but must be treated beforehand for those that are damaged or/and need to be treated. They completely cover the teeth like a crown as its name indicates. Filing is mandatory for the dental crown to last over time. The filing is done all around the tooth at 360° on a previously treated and/or devitalized tooth.

The natural and aesthetic Emax finish (7 layers by hand) is the same for dental veneers as for dental crowns.

In what cases should I have a root canal?

The devitalization of a tooth is proposed and carried out according to certain criteria in the interest of the patient, to avoid present and future problems:

  • In the case of important filing to correct deformations, overlaps, occlusion problems…
  • In the case of receding gums
  • In the case of infections or important caries
  • In the case of receding gums
  • In case of bruxism (with visible dentin)
  • In case of receding gums
  • In the case of excessive sensitivity

What does the guarantee include in case of problems?

During the first 2 years, crowns or veneers will be replaced free of charge in case of detachment, loss, cracks or breakage (the patient comes by his own means, flight, hotel, transfers).

Also if the patient suffers pain on the treated teeth. We will take care of the patient and treat the pain (devitalization of the tooth or teeth).

What is a bridge and why can't we do independent crowns in some cases?

A bridge is an assembly of crowns:

  • either to fill a missing tooth.
  • or to reinforce a fragile dentition.
  • or to avoid that in the near future the teeth move and separate.
  • or to solve problems of receding gums.

How long do veneers and crowns last? How to maintain them?

  • By respecting the rules of oral hygiene, a veneer or a crown can last 5, 10, 20 or even 30 years for crowns.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • After each brushing, use dental floss or a brush to remove food that is stored between the teeth.
  • Also use a disinfectant mouthwash once a day after the last brushing.
  • Schedule one scaling per year at your dentist.
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